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Selecting the Right Offer for your PPC Landing Page

What should be the offer on your B2B’s landing page, for visitors clicking through from a pay per click ad? Many software and SaaS companies think that a downloadable trial version of their product is just the ticket.  Why not just cut to the chase, and sidestep all that messy nurturing?  And after all, our product is so good, it practically sells itself. The problem with that is that it’s usually going to be a mismatch with…

Done right, your B2B website offers can drive high response rates

What makes a compelling offer?  The best answer to that emerges from testing, of course.  But B2Bs typically are dealing with relatively low traffic volumes, so testing can take what feels like forever while your business stays in the doldrums.  So some practical shortcuts to get you in the zone are in order. Here are our top two, and they’re pretty straight-up… Don’t use your offer to try to sell anything. Do use it to educate your prospect. Bear in mind that most prospects who hit your site are typically…

Why a landing page may not be best for a B2B’s “soft” offers

By now, you know the drill:  when you develop a Pay Per Click ad campaign, you also need to create one or more landing pages, on which your click-thrus will be encouraged to part with some of their strategic information in exchange for some sort of offer. And for many companies, this is still the recommended approach.  However, there are a number of situations where a different approach may be better, and should at least be given careful consideration.  Some of these situations include: B2Bs with a big-ticket, highly-considered product or service, where the offer is most likely something “soft”: … [more]

If you’re not tracking calls, you may be missing some online ROI

We’ve blogged on this subject before, but now comes Melissa Burdon with a similar message on FutureNow …which basically is: If you’re tracking only clicks as conversions, and not phone calls, you could be missing a significant portion of the ROI that’s due to your online marketing. B2Bs tend to assume the universality of their usual model of present ad – click – fulfill offer – nurture for months.  But some prospects are in more of a hurry, and just might place an order – or at least take your 60-day free trial – if… 

To register or not, revisited: could there be a third way?

One of our earliest posts was “To Register or Not?” – way back in late 2006 – in which we looked at both sides of the burning issue of whether or not to insist on collecting visitors’ strategic information in exchange for allowing them access to some crown jewel of your content suite (typically a white paper). In thinking about updating that piece, we cast about for some truly new information.  What’s amazing is how little has changed;  it’s a bit like “Everything old is new again.”  The philosophical battle lines are still pretty much drawn between the two camps… [more]

7 ways your landing page(s) can go wrong

Hopefully, we’re all well aware by now of the critical importance of landing pages, due to their tremendous leverage;  50-80% swings in conversion rate from seemingly minor changes to headlines, copy or design elements are commonplace.  And there’s certainly a lot of info “out there” on how to do landing pages right. Well folks, Google wants to help, too.  In fact, they recently released a webinar treating the 7 most common mistakes marketers make with landing pages.  What? …you don’t have the hour+ you’ll need to view it?  Then you may want to click on over to Karim Gargum’s blog… [more]

Does your nurturing process leak leads?

It’s an article of well-placed faith among B2B companies – where sales cycles are nearly always lengthy – that lead nurturing is vitally important. And that’s in good times, when you may have gotten used to picking off new business like it was low-hanging fruit.  But as Anne Holland says in her SherpaBlog post, How to Ride Out the Storm:  “In bad times, the branches raise themselves up.  Landing new customers is harder – more expensive – just at the time when your CEO holds that ‘How can we cut marketing costs?’ discussion with your department.” Anne’s worthwhile piece goes… [more]

Online Content Distribution: Myth vs. Reality

Ah, the conventional wisdom. It’s what most of us fall back on when we think we’ve seen the answer “somewhere” …or flat-out just don’t know the answer, but don’t want to say so. It’s also, no doubt, a key factor in explaining the incredible persistence of myths. The ultimate antidote to myths, of course, is research. That’s why we at eMagine track current research of importance to our work …and our clients’ success. One real goldmine (on which we’ve based several of these articles) is KnowledgeStorm and MarketingSherpa’s Connecting through Content joint study, in which we found a number of… [more]

Practical Online Marketing Tips From MarketingSherpa’s Research

In his posting “What Works in B2B Technology Marketing”, Tom Pick over at WebMarketCentral had provided a nice summary of Marketing Sherpa’s free whitepaper, Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007-08: Practical Data for B2B Software, Hardware & Services Marketers. (The whitepaper itself distills the complete Benchmark Guide, which is available for a fee at the SherpaStore.) As Tom says, truly experienced B2B IT marketers won’t find any shocking revelations here; but there are a few surprises, and the confirmatory data also make it well worth the read. We honed in on just three of Tom’s major takeaways…

Is Your Website Leaking Your Advertising Dollars Down the Drain?

You may have seen some of our postings summarizing industry forecasts for increasing industry online ad spending …recession or not. (See, for example, B2B Online Marketing Budgets Set to Rise Again in 2008 and Microsoft’s Yahoo Bid Reveals Confidence in Online Spending Growth.) Of course, “industry spending” is simply the summation of many decisions taken at companies much like yours. So if you’re in the majority that is continuing or increasing your online budget …well, we salute you and feel sure that you’re on the right track. However… it’s a very good time to ensure that your website is truly… [more]