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Boost Engagement With These Visual Marketing Ideas

Visual Content

As any Digital Marketer can attest to, the struggle to focus on quality over quantity is real. With the large quantity of content being pushed out everyday, it’s hard not to follow the crowd and pump out the same amount the content everyone else is doing. The problem is that by doing this, the quality of each pieces lowers. Which means the engagement you hoped to receive will lower as well, since no one will want to share an already talked about post, even if it is coming from “your side of the story”. To ensure you’re posting quality content… [more]

Marketing Lessons From The Super Bowl: 4 Ways To Win The Digital Game

Digital Marketing Lessons From the Super Bowl

Ahhh, it’s our favorite time of the year – Super Bowl time! The big game is this weekend and we can’t wait to sit back, relax and watch the New England Patriots kick some you-know-what. Oh, and let’s not forget about the main attraction – the commercials! Those ever-so-anticipated 30 seconds of fame that advertisers spend millions of dollars on each year to win over the hearts of viewers across the world. Sounds a bit familiar for us digital marketers, don’t ya think? No? Well… Despite the longer conversion funnel on the B2B battlefield, online marketers are still limited on… [more]

Millennial Impact


Generations, like individuals tend to have personalities. Historically we have seen that as each new generation enters the workforce, their collective personality has the propensity to change the workplace. And each new generation has brought with it new opportunities for business in the way of innovation, and in general just doing things differently. For marketers they open up new opportunities as well – as long as we understand them and can connect with them in a meaningful way. Over the past one-hundred years there have been five significant, and significantly different generations. They are: The Greatest Generation (born before 1928);… [more]

Common Complaints Answered: Why don’t we show up for “Search Term” when I type it in Google?


As SEO has evolved with the latest hummingbird algorithm change, making contextual search more and more important, and searches having become completely secure, we understand just how important SEO is to a site’s success. And, eMagine does its best to respond and take action on these constant evolutions with our clients. Our clients often come to us, frustrated that someone in their organization has been “tinkering” with SEO, and believes that they are not doing their job. How so? The most common complaint is that a manager or C-level person typed a random keyword into Google, and their company did… [more]

The Four Agreements of Project Success


As a project manager with nearly 2 decades of experience leading projects from brochure sites to complex, enterprise-level web application development, there are any number of specific tools and methodologies I’ve used depending on the project. As Albert Einstein is oft credited with saying, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” That maxim determines what the process should be for executing a specific project. But the greater truth of successful project management is that no matter whether you use Waterfall methodology with Microsoft Project server, or Agile with Gira, or a spreadsheet and emails, projects are… [more]

Give Away Information on Your Website, and Get Visitors to Come Back (& Convert!)

B2B Marketers walk a fine line when it comes to what information they give away and what information requires visitors to register first. Give away too much, and you are at a loss to track successful KPIs (key performance indicators) and potentially lose the prospect when they leave your site. Put everything behind a registration form, and you run the risk of alienating your prospects before they even hit the “submit” button, for prying into their personal space. What’s a marketer to do? My philosophy has always been: if the information you have is about your product, service, or brand,… [more]

Is There Anyone Out There? – How to Define Blog Engagement

More and more businesses are seeing the vital importance of having a blog as a means on content development, communication, and thought leadership. There are many hurdles to overcome when creating a blog, including strategy, focus, editorial, and time management. It can be discouraging to put all this time, effort and resources into your blog, only to see post after post without comments. You don’t want to be writing content in a vacuum, do you? But comments aren’t the best way to define engagement. In fact, depending on the content of the post, comments may not even be appropriate. There… [more]

Long web pages are okay! 4 ways to convince your visitor to scroll down the page

SEO experts have long been saying your ideal web or blog page length should be between 200-250 words, and if you have more to say, break it up into several pages of 200-250 words. This statement has confounded companies who had a lot to say about a subject and preferred to say it all on one page. Several established authorities have published studies of their audiences, both for Pay Per Click (PPC) landing pages, and for organic web pages. Marketing Experiments found that long copy outperformed short copy by 40.54%, and traffic to the page with longer copy produced an… [more]

5 Steps: Keep your site “fresh” with minimal effort

Keeping content up to date isn’t just a matter of being a good do-bee anymore. Beyond visitors staying engaged, the search engines want to know that you care about updating your content (and they’ll start sliding you down the rankings if you don’t). The problem is that sometimes, there’s just not much new stuff to promote! News might be a little slow, no events are coming up, and no new products are ready to be introduced. So how are you supposed to maintain that “new site smell” when there’s nothing new to add? Here’s a quick and dirty way to… [more]

Google wants to help your website serve its mobile visitors

No doubt, the buzz around mobile has increased nearly geometrically of late.  With good reason:  already, over half of all users access the Internet via a mobile device;  and that will grow to 90% by 2015, according to IDC Research VP Karsten Weide.  And don’t be misled that all that activity comes from pedestrians looking for an Italian restaurant or a mocha latte;  your prospects are also killing travel waiting-time by searching on topics that are top-of-mind with them at the time …which may well include the problem your B2B offering solves. We’ve done our bit to keep this tsunami… [more]