Why not do what successful social mediamarketers are doing?

It’s probably not a great surprise that most B2Bs – in fact 65%, according to a recent study by R2integratedhave yet to increase revenue or profit from their social media efforts.  After all…

  • the medium is young, and a set of best practices is only just now emerging;
  • success models are relatively few;
  • metrics and trackability are still substantially lagging adoption.

Nonetheless, the study illuminates some key differences between the successful 35% and the less-so 65%, according to a nifty summary on Social Media Examiner by Amy Porterfield.  The more successful group…

  • were almost twice as likely to have a formal social media strategy;
  • had educated themselves on the practices, pundits, and principles of social;
  • were also twice as likely to have dedicated headcount for managing social media.

Another interesting data point from the study was that the perception of social media differed greatly, depending on whether the marketer had a social media strategy in place.  For those with a strategy, “Innovative and invaluable to our business” outranked “Useful/helpful, but could live without it” by roughly 2 to 1.  For those lacking a strategy, those two response categories were virtually neck and neck.

There’s lots more good stuff in Amy’s post – including 50 or so comments/responses – so do yourself a favor and click on over…

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