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March 14, 2013 |

eMagine’s 6 Favorite Bookmarks, and Why They’re our Favorites

I recently polled the folks at eMagine to find out what sites they regularly visit, or bookmark in their browser as must-see and go-to sources of information on a regular basis. Once we weeded out the ones to browser-based applications (our CRM, their own social media accounts, etc) , we had a list of interesting links, that I wanted to share with other B2B marketers, as I think they may be helpful to a broader audience. They are (in no particular order):

Mass High TechMass High Tech (now called “Tech Flash”)

Since our main customers are Healthcare, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Technology, this is a great source for information on the trends with our clients, as well as a source for learning about new funding prospects might be getting.



This is the online version of the Inc Magazine, which purports itself to be “the place where entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses. ” Our Business Development Team loves this site to gain insight into the minds of the business owners, and understand topics that are top of mind.
LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn Today

I know we mentioned social media outlets, but an almost complete majority of our employees visit their LinkedIn News feed on a daily basis, as well as check in on Group discussions and leave comments. We consider LinkedIn to be the “search engine of choice” for B2B companies, like us.


Marketing Land

MarketingLand is a great aggregator of news, educational information, and perspectives on all aspects of online marketing. As members of an online marketing agency, this website is top notch for many of our employees in providing insightful perspectives on the very things we do for our clients every day.

Business Insider

Business Insider

This is another great news aggregator, but of a wider spectrum that MarketingLand. This covers, financial, media, tech and other industry verticals. This is another great source of news and information for some of our employees.

eMagine Blog

eMagine’s B2B Strategy Blog

I know, we’re biased. But our blog posts are used by sales, business development, even project managers to help further educate not only prospects, but our own clients on the very intricacies of our business, online marketing, and eMagine’s success.

What are your favorite bookmarks? Share yours in the comments section and let’s communicate the wealth of information that’s out there.

March 14, 2013 |

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