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November 18, 2010 |

Golden nuggets from Sherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit

We were a bit too busy with clients this year to get out to MarketingSherpa’s recent “B2B Marketing Summit” in San Francisco.  However, we did run across three gurus who did attend, and who posted their takeaways from sessions primarily focused on lead generation.  They are Andrew Spoeth, Jennifer Melwani and Lawrence Mitchell;  and you’ll want to check out each of their posts for more info than we could include in the mashup/compendium following, which you may find nearly as good as having been there…

Social Media –

  • Don’t be afraid to let your audience have control …but do measure what is being said about your brand.
  • Keep your message simple, and keep it relevant.
  • Don’t tell me you’re the fastest or best;  let someone else tell me.
  • Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress;  visibility always trumps invisibility.
  • Know the influencers in your industry …and make sure they know you.
  • The blog is replacing the website as the center of your social media strategy.
  • A good social media strategy will survive changes in technology.

Email Marketing and Nurturing –

  • Don’t make your B2B emails too image-heavy;  text and information are still vital.
  • In drip nurturing campaigns, remember to segment your audience first and tailor the content to each segment.  B2Bs must remember that organizations must be nurtured, not only one or two persons.
  • Properly done, social media “sharing” can help build your email subscriber list.
  • Forget the term “leads”;  think of them as future customers.  Then design your nurturing campaigns accordingly.
  • “Emotional unsubscribes” can be hurting you just as much as regular unsubscribes.  Monitor for inactivity.
  • Lead scoring is not a substitute for the human touch;  the score may indicate that someone is phone-ready, but only the phone can tell if (s)he is sales-ready.

Conversion Optimization –

  • Landing pages need to answer three questions:  Where am I?  What can I do here that will be of value to my company?  Why should I do it?
  • Consider your visitor’s thought process;  guide their thoughts.  Make it easy.
  • Clarity trumps persuasion.  Use quantitative statements when possible.  Increase specificity to reduce page leakage.
  • Evaluate your own landing page copy the way you read your own inbox emails:  skeptically, like you want to get rid of them quickly.
  • Consider all of the steps in the conversion process and ensure there is continuity and relevancy throughout.  There needs to be a connection across search ad, landing page and form.

Miscellaneous –

  • People don’t buy from websites;  people buy from people.
  • Direct marketing may be old fashioned… but if no one else is doing it, you just may get a great response.
  • Be part of the social-media conversation, but not to the point of forgetting that outbound marketing is still a must-do.
  • Metrics tell us where we’ve been;  analytics tell us where we’re going.

…and perhaps the broadest and most important nugget of all:
Marketing should act as the corporate conscience.  We need to do what’s right and advocate what reflects well on the company.

Looking for still more?  MarketingSherpa members can access Sherpa’s own summary:  “B2B Marketing Summit 2010 Wrap-up:  Seven takeaways to help you engage potential customers, generate high-quality leads and more.”

November 18, 2010 |


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