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WordPress Can’t Scale for the Enterprise? Guess Again.

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Think WordPress Isn’t for the Enterprise? Think Again.

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Lipstick Won’t Drive Website Conversions

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emagine is Coming to a WordCamp Near You (if you happen to like warm weather)

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My Growing Pains in B2B Sales for Web Design & Digital Marketing

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Social Media

January 3, 2017 |

What the hell does “marketing” even mean??

  As I’ve watched the definition of the ambiguous word “marketing” evolve over the years I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on what the word…

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December 27, 2016 |

2016: Reflection of 16 Years at emagine

  16 years ago, I owned a fish market restaurant and was forced to sell the business, which left me not knowing what to do…

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b2b social media considerations
October 18, 2016 |

What to Consider When Choosing a Social Media Platform for Your B2B

Social Media is complex and time-consuming. Make sure to take in these considerations before you jump into your next social media network for your B2B. 

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b2b social media marketing
July 27, 2016 |

How B2B Social Media Marketing Can Improve Sales

Many B2B companies are weary of the benefits of social media marketing. In reality, social media is great way to improve sales. Read on to find out how. 

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B2B social media marketing
April 13, 2016 |

B2B Social Media Marketing: 5 Major Mistakes to Avoid

Thanks to visual content, B2B social media marketing is about to be more important than ever. Read on to find the 5 mistakes to avoid on your social media channels now. 

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twitter marketing
March 21, 2016 |

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter

In honor of Twitter’s 10th birthday, we’re sharing 10 unknown facts about the powerful social media platform. Read on. 

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social media marketing
February 18, 2016 |

The 3 Most Effective Platforms for B2B Social Media Marketing

To help you narrow down your social media marketing plan, we’re sharing the 3 most effective platforms for your B2B social media marketing. 

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2016 resolution series
January 28, 2016 |

New Year’s Resolution Series: Expand Expertise

Expanding our knowledge of digital marketing for B2B is always the goal. This year the focus is on social media. Learn how.

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social media management
January 18, 2016 |

4 Benefits of Using Buffer for Your Social Media Marketing

Have you tried Buffer for your social media marketing efforts? Find out my favorite benefits of using Buffer and how you can get started using it today!

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b2b facebook marketing
December 9, 2015 |

4 Types of Content to Add To Your B2B Facebook Marketing Strategy

Are you having trouble with your B2B Facebook Marketing strategy? No worries. We’re sharing 4 types of content you can apply to your strategy today! 

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