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Working Moms: Do We Really Have to Choose Between Career and Kids?

It’s a topic that’s been long discussed, debated and avoided. Many career-minded women prepare themselves for the inevitability of having to choose between the job they put hard work and long hours into or giving it all up to raise a family.


How to Create the Perfect Call-to-Action

Every website has a goal – whether it’s to inform and educate visitors, share valuable information, offer helpful resources – the list is endless. In order to do any of those things, you need to include a compelling call-to-action on your page.

website homepage messaging web design

Homepage Messaging Matters For Your Website. Here’s Why.

As a digital marketer, you know that first impressions matter. People make snap judgments about your products and services based on their initial interaction with your brand. Make sure you’re “wowing” website visitors with a clear homepage experience.

website not secure google search results

Will Your Website Be Marked “Not Secure” in Google Search Results?

Recent events related to cyber security are clear indications that we need to protect our websites from vulnerabilities. If you manage your company’s website, you…

digital agency complagency

Do You Suffer From Compl-agency?

com-pla-gen-cy /kəmˈplāgənsē/ a feeling of uncritical satisfaction an agency feels with a client relationship. synonyms: smugness, self-satisfaction, self-congratulation, self-regard; gloating, triumph, pride; satisfaction, contentment

are websites getting easier or harder to create

Are Websites Getting Easier or Harder to Create?

I’m literally the last person in the world who would disparage the tremendous entrepreneurship in the digital space, between Web Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media…

website lead generation

Quick Wins for When Your Website Fails at Lead Generation

Traditionally, websites were used as an online version of your company brochure. A place to read about the company, the leadership team, offerings and easily access contact information. Marketers didn’t intend for websites to add value to the business or impact sales. Simply having a website was enough. 


Building Blocks to a Lead Generating Website

Your website might not be the lead generating, sales tool you hoped and dreamed for. You also might be looking for low hanging fruit and suggestions on what you can do in the meantime to drive quality leads to sales from your website.

regular wordpress website maintenance

How Regular Website Maintenance Benefits Your Web Presence

We can tell you confidently that keeping up with the changing technology will benefit the long-term success of your website. But, just in case you’re still not convinced we wanted to explain how regular website maintenance benefits your web presence and business.

rapidly changing technology website maintenance

How Rapidly Changing Technology Affects Long-Term Website Maintenance

An all-too-common scenario is a company launching their beautiful, new website only to be lacking the maintenance, support and infrastructure that comes with a modern…


webinars + white papers

WordPress website

White Paper: WordPress Website for the Enterprise

By far the most popular CMS on the planet, Marketers love the idea of a WordPress website for its ease-of-use, flexibility and scalability. 


Gilbane Web Design Case Study

On order for this web design project was a full-scale redesign that meant strategically planning the information architecture for a seamless user experience; creating a structured SEO strategy; responsive web design; and powering it with a CMS that empowered the sales and marketing teams. 

Barrow Neurological Web Design Case Study

Barrow Neurological Institute: Healthcare Web Design Case Study

Tired of seeing the same, generic layout and conventional style of a typical healthcare website, Barrow was ready to push the creative limits and bring a fresh approach to healthcare web design. Download Barrow Neurological Institute’s Web Design Case Study for more information on their challenges, vision and results.

Marketing for Professional Services

Digital Marketing for Professional Services

Read out latest white paper to learn the tactics need to improve your Professional Service firms online presence. 

digital marketing for manufacturing

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Firms

Download our latest white paper to help improve your manufacturing firms digital marketing and online presence. 

b2b web design digital marketing

Guide to B2B Digital Marketing

Get your guide now to learn the digital marketing tactics, platforms and technology needed to drive qualified traffic to your B2B website. 


Construction Marketing: Constructing Your Online Presence

Download our latest construction marketing white paper to learn how you can improve your firm’s online presence today. 

healthcare digital marketing

The Digital Journey to Healthcare Success

Download this guide to learn how you can update and improve your healthcare online presence. 

B2B Social Media

B2B Social Media: Deciphering Network Personas

When creating a social media strategy for your B2B, it is crucial to understand how each social media network plays a role in your strategy so you can reach the correct audience and stand out among the online chatter. 


B2B SEO: Optimizing Your Way to Success

Download our white paper to learn about the changes in SEO that will help you create the proper SEO strategy for your B2B. 

finding a web agency

4 Steps to Picking the Perfect Web Agency

Follow these four steps on your search to finding your next web agency for your business website. 


B2B PPC: What’s Hot & What’s Not

There’s no question that online advertising is an extremely powerful way to drive new leads, reach more customers & increase revenue for your business, but only when…


B2B Social Media: Deciphering Network Personas

B2B Social Media Webinar    Led by emagine’s Social Media Specialist, Hannah Beacham, this webinar will focus on creating the right Social Media strategy based…


B2B SEO: 10 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

With countless ranking factors that could affect how search engines evaluate your website, it’s not always easy to figure out what you’re doing wrong or…


Google and Web Analytics for Marketers: Which Metrics REALLY Matter?

Alicia Hale, Vice President of Digital Marketing Services at eMagine, and Bill Gadless, President of eMagine host an insightful Webinar decoding the metrics of Google…

biopharma marketing

Best Practice Online Marketing for BioPharma and Medical Devices

Learn about the shifting landscape of biopharma marketing and the modern tactics need to create a successful digital marketing strategy. 



moving up the food chain

Moving Up the Food Chain: Finding, Pitching and Executing on 5 and 6-Figure Projects

Check out emagine’s President, Bill Gadless, present his popular speech, “Moving up The Food Chain: Finding, Pitching and Executing on 5 & 6-figure Projects

wordcamp chicago 2016

How to Transition From Freelance to Agency

Catch up on emagine’s CEO Brett Cohen’s presentation at WordCamp Chicago 2016! 

WordPress Conditional Tags

Conditional Love – Using WordPress Conditional Tags to Write More Effective Themes

emagine’s Technical Director, Christian Nolen, recently was chosen as a speaker for WordCamp Jacksonville on April 16-April 17th. Check it out now. 

WordCamp Jacksonville 2016

WordCamp Jacksonville 2016

We’re headed to WordCamp Jacksonville next month! Check out who was selected from our team to speak and what their tracks will be on! 

emagine grand opening

emagine Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

View our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony that kicked off our Grand Opening Celebration of our new office in Fall River, MA! 


WordCamp US: Recap!

Check out our weekend at WordCamp US 2015 in Philly! 


emagine Moves To Fall River, MA!

Find out all the information on our recent move to Fall River, MA! 


B2B SEO Twitter Chat

  B2B SEO Twitter Chat: Thursday, August 27th | 1:30pm EST | Topic: TBA    

2015 WordCamp Schedule

2015 WordCamp Schedule

  2015 WordCamp Schedule Once perceived as a mere blogging or small website tool, WordPress is an enterprise-grade CMS … stable, secure and scalable enough…

Digital Health

Digital Health Twitter Chat

  Digital Health Twitter Chat Wednesday, September 2nd | 8 PM EST Topic: Ways To Reach Your Audience Follow Us On Twitter!   




#emaginethat: End of Summer Thoughts | Delray Beach, FL

  With the summer season officially coming to a close, emagine’s lead reporter went around our Delray Beach, FL office to find out what our…

The Future of Digital Marketing

#emaginethat: Big Data and Personalization – The Future of Digital Marketing

  In episode 2 of the #emaginethat show, emagine’s VP of Digital Marketing, Alicia Hale, explores the current trends shaping the future of Digital Marketing….

The Digital Dichotomy

#emaginethat: The Digital Dichotomy

In this episode of the #emaginethat show, emagine’s President, Bill Gadless, explains “Digital Dichotomy”.An all too common trend: On one hand most marketers agree that…



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