Being in Business Development in the B2B and Healthcare marketing world at eMagine is a very challenging yet rewarding position.  A successful business developer in these industries must possess many key skills and traits; including perseverance, thick skin, time management, the ability to build rapport, being resourceful, and an understanding that sales and marketing are high rejection trades.  We live for the few “yes’s”.  This St. Patrick’s Day, in honor of the leprechaun, I am sharing 17 reasons why I am lucky to be a business developer.

1.) The Internet:  It only makes sense for the Internet to be first, considering I wouldn’t have this job without it.  I am grateful for the Internet (thank you Al Gore) and for the ability to research.

2.) Google:  There are many reasons why all of us at eMagine are thankful for Google, but as for the business development aspect, it is very useful for research on the Internet.

3.) Social Media:

  • LinkedIn – I am grateful to have the ability to connect with professionals and keep in touch with them.  AlsoLinkedIn has been a great tool to find contacts and actual titles with targeted prospects.
  • Twitter – To Interact with and engage professionals through quick posts on the B2B, Healthcare, and Digital Marketing industry.  Also, thank you Twitter for the ability to create lists to help keep my connections organized.
  • Hootsuite – This is a great tool for managing social presence, especially for Twitter.  I also like to have the option to automate posts, especially if I know I am going to be out of the office and on weekends. (For those of you who aren’t scheduling and timing your social posts, you’re missing a lot of opportunity!) Here is an informative infographic on the best and worst times to post on social media.

4.) Content Resources:

  • Feedly – I am a big fan of Feedly as content aggregator. It helps me find inspirational articles to post on social media or to just read and catch up.
  • Flipboard – The social-network aggregation, magazine-format mobile app Flipboard is a helpful tool to quickly browse articles on social media.  It gives me the ability to click through and scan articles and posts when I’m on a mobile device.

5.) Insightful Blog Posts:  To add onto Feedly and Flipboard.

6.) Inspirational People:  Being surrounded in person and on social media by Digital Marketing gurus inspires me to want to learn more.  And I am thankful for their content to be able to read and share.

7.) Thought Leadership:  Having such great educational material available, such as White Papers, to provide to my prospects.

8.) The Telephone:  This is where I personally thank Alexander Graham Bell for the handy device.  As a B2B and Healthcare prospector, sometimes I feel like I am back in time when I hear ringing and actually get an operator!  However, the ability to be able to leave professionals voicemails is STILL an invaluable prospecting tool.  Those who claim outbound calling is dead just don’t want to do it.  Trust me, I know first hand based on results.

9.) Email:  And when that voicemail can be accompanied by an email, it makes communication more cohesive.  Professionals today are often traveling or on the go.  With the prevalence of mobile devices, it is much easier for a person to respond to an email rather than a call back.

10.) Subject Lines:  This magical little field allows me to experiment with various wording to grab recipients’ attention.

11.) Mobile Devices:  Making myself reachable and responsive 24/7 has been not only very beneficial, but a requirement for success.  If a lead in another time zone responds after hours, or even a local prospect happens to check all of their emails in the evening, I believe that me responding more immediately yields results.  Sales success never comes from shutting off after hours or on weekends (or even on vacations).  Being connected at all times makes all of that possible.

12.) CRM:  Everyone in a sales position should be thankful for a simple, easy to use CRM to manage contacts and the sales process.  Seems like a no-brainer, but I also know that many sales people ignore the power of CRM.

13.) Website Analysis:  When one of eMagine’s talented Web Strategists can put together a detailed website analysis tailored to a specific company, it gives prospects valuable insights into their company website and Digital Marketing.  As any marketer knows, educating your audience (for free) is immensely powerful.

14.) Marketing:  Like the Internet, if it weren’t for Digital Marketing, of course, I would not have my job.  But I am also grateful for old-fashioned marketing techniques.  As much as we all love the Internet, I have learned the impact of traditional marketing, such as direct mail and other printed collateral supplementing digital channels.

15.) Attitude:  A positive attitude can make a big difference in the B2B Business Development role. I am grateful that, at most times, I am able to keep my head up and know that results take time.

16.) Account Managers:  It’s a good feeling to know that I have such competent account managers pitching the potential client.

17.) Coworkers:  I am fortunate enough to live and work in South Florida, where the sun is usually shining and it is warm in the winter.  But I am also lucky enough to have some amazing coworkers, who are experts in various trades in both eMagine’s Boston and South Florida offices.

I am very thankful for my position at eMagine and I learn new things everyday.  Have you thought about what you are lucky for when it comes to your job this St. Patrick’s day?