Your brand is your baby. It’s a critical element that encompasses your business, offerings, employees and overall online presence. And just like a baby, your brand needs to be monitored 24/7. Brand monitoring enables you to better understand what your audience craves, what negative feedback is being said, and what others in your industry are saying and doing.

Because choosing a new tech tool to add to your digital toolkit can be scary and overwhelming, we’re sharing three easy-to-use tools that will help you keep your brand on track.

Google Analytics

There’s a good chance your website is already hooked up to Google Analytics (if it’s not, it needs to be). A quick peek inside your analytics will tell you exactly what your users are doing on your website, how they found it, and what pages they exit your site on. Keeping an eye on these simple metrics will provide you with the insights you need to keep your website successful and your audience engaged.

Social Media

Social media provides brands with more than just a platform to disperse content. It’s also a powerful tool to help you see how users feel about your brand and company. And while social media cannot necessarily stop a brand crisis before it happens, it can help control it. Staying active and alert across your social media channels can help your brand by staying proactive and addressing concerns as they come about.


It’s understandable that you don’t want to spend too much time scouring social media and confusing data when you have other important business to care about. Thankfully with tools like Mention, brands can set up custom alerts to provide brands with insights into your company, industry, competitors, topics relevant to your brand and targeted keywords.

Your brand requires just as much work creating it as it does keeping it on track. Brand monitoring is essential for businesses who care about keeping their online reputation intact. Don’t let it go to waste by forgetting it.