There has been much debate over the use of parallax scrolling in web design over the recent years. While there are many positive benefits to utilizing this type of interactive design, it’s not always so easy getting it just right. One reason being the numerous types of parallax scrolling, including: infinite scroll, single-page scroll, horizontal-parallax scroll, etc. Another being, when you add motion to a website, you add the likelihood of giving your visitor the similar feeling of motion sickness, causing them to leave your site quickly.

But, when done correctly, parallax scrolling can tell a compelling story that will inevitably “wow” your site visitors. Check out how these three sites have perfected the parallax scroll.

Micronizer – Sturtevant, Inc.

parallax scrolling website

Sturtevant, Inc. was in need of a dedicated website for their leading jet mill product, Micronizer. From the minute you land on their homepage, users have the ability to learn more about the product by scrolling down and seeing an interactive, informative video and continue to gain insights as they make their way down the page. To ensure users don’t become overwhelmed as they scroll, each block has a slight lock that will stay in place until the user continues their journey. Additionally, visitors can use the expandable menu on the right hand side that follows them as they scroll.

View Micronizer’s parallax scrolling in action now.

Pluribus Networks

parallax scroll website

Pluribus Networks tells an extremely compelling story through parallax scroll. After scrolling past the initial imagery, users get to learn more about the benefits of their products and solutions through additional interactive scrolling. From there, a concept called hijack scrolling takes place from the bottom up. This provides a different level of experience to users as they aren’t forced to scroll down a never ending web page.

View Pluribus Networks parallax scrolling for yourself. 

Convention Dynamic Services (CDS)

parallax scrolling website

CDS is a company that knows exactly how to attract, engage and understand their users. Right away website visitors are delivered an interactive experience with video header imagery and a visible menu navigation. As users scroll down the page, they are shown the audience that CDS serves followed by a unique transition showcasing recent news and featured content. This experience continues throughout the site with the use of a interactive fixed header where users can learn more about the solutions CDS provides.

View Convention Data Services parallax scrolling in action now.

Parallax scrolling websites can be a hit or miss if it’s not done correctly. It is possible to have a fun website that still remains functional. Want to dip your toes into the world of parallax scrolling? Contact us today!