We know that our online presence must evolve accordingly to the current speed of the evolving digital world. As more content is being distributed, social media platforms are expanding and online users activities increase, it’s becoming more and more critical to keep your B2B online presence as up-to-date as possible.

With the excitement stirring on pumpkin spice lattes, cool air and the upcoming holiday season, it’s easy to let those small yet not-so-minor details fall to the wayside. So whether your B2B is preparing for the non-stop hustle the holiday season may bring or you’re preparing for the much-needed downtime in your business, now is the perfect time to reevaluate and revamp your online presence. Because let’s face it, the next few months outside of work can quickly fill up any free time in your calendar and the holidays are the last time you want to worry about the things you could’ve, would’ve should’ve in your business.

3 Tactics to Prepare Your Online Presence For The Holiday Season

  1. Check your website. Update or remove any information that is outdated or incorrect. This information can include things like your contact information, office location, hours of operation. Also be sure to double check that you’re not offering any services or products that you no longer offer or provide. If you already know changes that will be made in the upcoming months, inform your visitors of those changes right away with any and all information you have. Give them the option to “Contact” you with any questions or concerns they may have.
  2. Update your social media channels in the same manner. Head over to all your social media networks and share the same love as you did to your website. Inform your audience of these changes with a quick status update, encouraging them to look around at the changes and/or direct them to your website to “Find Out More”.
  3. Expand your message by email. You can’t assume everyone will know that you made these changes, especially those prospects that aren’t fully aware of your business. Use this as a chance to increase your brand awareness by informing them of the new changes and updates happening in your day-to-day operations. Because 94% of B2B buyers share content to their peers via email, encourage them to pass the message along with the ability to “Forward To a Friend”.

Continue to keep the warm and fuzzy spirit going through the new year by reaching out to your database again and ask for any feedback or input that can help you better serve them not just in 2016 but in the many years to come after that.

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