Social media is a great way to grow your online presence and increase website traffic. While simply getting started is usually the easiest step of social media, staying consistent in your efforts is not. It can take a while to build an audience and it’s understandable to be frustrated when you’re not getting the return on your efforts, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up.

As summer starts to heat up and business starts to slow down, B2B’s have a huge opportunity to refresh their social media and ensure they are providing value to their audience. Here are a few ways you can bring more energy into your B2B’s social media marketing:

Stay positive

Positive thoughts lead to positive results, right? It’s important to remember to stay positive in both your mindset as well as with the tone of your social media content and updates. The tone of your content is the driving force in establishing authority and creditability in your industry. Social media is supposed to be fun and entertaining, not down and depressing.

Be humorous

Social media is the arena where your business can show a little personality and have some fun. Providing your audience with some humor and a good laugh will prove that there are real people behind your business. It will also make your business feel more approachable and increase the likelihood of users coming back to see what other funny things you have to say.

Return the favor

Whether the engagement picks up instantly or takes a while to build up, it’s critical that you always return the favor and do the same to others as you expect of them. If someone always shares, retweets, likes or favorites your updates, make sure you do the same for them when they share their own content as well.

Sometimes all it just takes is a little refresh to get things working again. Use these three tips this summer and soon you’ll see your social media’s energy buzzing in no time!