I recently came across a study by Manhattan Research & Google titled, Screen to Script: The Doctor’s Digital Path to Treatment. The study reassessed physicians’ digital adoption across device and media channels, and to ascertain their use and resulting impact. After reading through the study, I discovered 4 essential truths of BioPharma marketing that you can apply to your marketing strategy today.

The 4 Essential Truths of BioPharma Marketing

The Internet is integral to clinical practice

Although digital adaption for the healthcare industry has been slower than most industries, Physicians have come to prefer online resources. According to the study, when making clinical decisions, physicians spend twice as much time using online resources compared to print.

A few of the popular online vehicles they use include:

  • Search engines
  • Professional websites
  • Drug references
  • Mobile apps

Search is the doctor’s digital stethoscope

Search is an indispensable tool for anyone online. However, for physicians, search is a tool they used more than any other online resource or website. Regardless of the device, time, topic or technical skill, search is a daily activity across all levels of healthcare professionals. It’s been stated that on average, physicians use search engines for 6 professional searches, per day.

Medicine is mobile

With 87% of physicians using a smartphone or tablet in their practice, mobile is a valuable tool in the healthcare industry. Among those who own a smartphone, physicians state they use it for:

  • Looking up a drug reference or dosing information
  • Google diseases – 94% of physicians who use search engines turn to Google.
  • Immediate access to .prof websites for quick clinical answers
  • Search the web for any patient related information.

Online video is an educational tool

We’ve touched on video marketing a few time recently, and it seems as though it’s a powerful tool for the healthcare industry as well with physicians spending 3 hours per week watching video online for professional purposes. Even more interesting, physicians enjoy video or personal purposes too. Among those who watch video for professional purposes, they can be most likely be found watching them in one of two places: YouTube or a Pharma company website.

What does this mean for BioPharma marketers like you?

Well for starters, if you haven’t already made the jump to the digital world, now is the time. Secondly, as you implement and execute your BioPharma marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that physicians are in fact looking for you online, so be there when they’re looking for you. Also remember to leverage the power of video and mobile marketing to increase awareness and engagement whether in the practice or on the go.