Every healthcare brand knows the importance of a marketing strategy. But not every brand has the necessary time or resources to plan for and develop a structured strategy that will help them meet their organizational goals.

So what’s the secret to building a winning healthcare marketing strategy?

1. The Right Goals

Set realistic, specific, and quantifiable goals. Make sure your goals represent your organization’s overarching objectives and individual departmental objectives (as needed). Your outlined goals will dictate which outcomes to measure so you can determine if your strategic approach is working and adjust accordingly.

2. The Right Detail

You’ll know exactly what your challenge is and will have an idea of what your goals and objectives should be, but it’s all wasted without paying close attention to every detail. Take the time to align your tactics with your strategic objectives. Clearly define your KPIs and what success looks like for your organization.

3. The Right Team

Have the right people at the table. There is a multitude of tactics to choose from in digital marketing and your healthcare marketing team should be comprised of more than your internal team. With new technology, platforms and opportunities arising so frequently, an extension of your internal team will bring a fresh, outside perspective to challenge “We’ve always done it this way.” Break down silos in your organization and involve all critical internal stakeholders to create an integrated, cohesive strategy.

Start by holding a meeting with leadership from each department. Discuss their needs and how digital marketing can provide a solution to their challenges. Let the marketing experts take the lead, but use everyone’s input as a guide.

4. The Right Platforms

Implementing the appropriate platforms is critical to achieving your desired outcomes. You’ll need a Content Management System (CMS) – such as WordPress – that will empower you to enhance your digital presence, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to keep your contacts organized in one place, and a robust marketing automation platform to streamline additional components of your healthcare marketing strategy like social media and email marketing campaigns.

Do your research or engage an outside, trusted consultant to guide you in choosing the platforms that align with your organization’s goals and objectives to, ultimately, attain your desired outcomes.

5. The Right Execution

Organizations that are serious about digital marketing for brand building, lead generation, and target audience engagement are partnering with designers, developers and digital strategists who have the expertise to create beautiful, relevant web experiences that resonate with site visitors and the knowledge of the healthcare marketing landscape to drive the right people to your beautiful site.

If this is you, right on!

If this isn’t you, you’re not alone. You might be shocked to hear this (because we sure are!), but most organizations don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy and are missing opportunities that could yield great results.

And the question of the day: Does your healthcare organization have a digital marketing strategy? A plan for execution? Let us know in the comments below or reach out if you want to talk about how we can work together to set you on the path to success in the wonderful world of digital marketing!