One of the many reasons I love working at emagine is the fact that people here are REAL! When you work with us, I know you’ll see that we (like you) are just people behind the “operation” of getting your new website launched.

So who am I? Yes, I am a Project Manager and client advocate, and I’m also a mom, wife, daughter, friend, field hockey fanatic, DIY’er ! As a proud mom – here are 5 ways that raising my children pulls through managing web design projects at work, the same in reverse. So, I will admit to color-coded post-its for the family on the home refrigerator!

Always on

I am always on as a parent. Someone always needs me and depends on me.

A website is the one marketing vehicle that never sleeps – a 24/7 sales tool. I know how critical it is to your business. My goal as a Project Manager is to be always on for my clients. When I’m managing a web design project, it’s always on my mind. I’m constantly thinking: how can we do this better for your end-user? Or how can we execute this part of the project to meet your goals?

Communication is key

As a parent, talking through a solution and finding middle-ground is a part of my every day. My children learn from me and I learn to be a better communicator.

The digital space is challenging as there are so many options and the possibilities are endless! My job is to formulate resolutions with our team that will work hardest for you to achieve the goals of your site. Taking extra time to guide and consult through open communication creates a better website!

Your biggest fan

Just like my kids, the projects I work on are ‘the best’ in my eyes. If you’re happy, then we are happy. If you’re not, I do everything in my power to turn that around. Oftentimes during a website project I have the “proud parent moment” where we pull together through an obstacle and achieve greatness – and it feels good!

I’m here to coach and be the client advocate, so I love to see my clients succeed.

It’s not easy, but boy is it rewarding!

Anyone with children knows – they’re A LOT of work, but it’s the most rewarding work. All it takes is for one of your children to say “I love you” and your heart instantly melts… it’s all worth it.

In a website project, nothing great comes without hard work! My job is to help simplify the process by breaking down the tasks into digestible and achievable milestones. Each one gets us closer to the finish line… the moment the site goes live, all that hard work pays off!

It takes a village

When you’re a working parent, your village is important. Using your resources wisely to help keep life on track only makes sense. A strong support system creates a high functioning family.

It’s the same concept for a website project. A highly collaborative project and including subject experts in the conversation only makes our projects better. A Project Manager keeps projects on track to a successful launch – but the team makes it happen. I can’t do that without having the right people on the job with me – designers, developers, content specialists, SEO strategists.

It sure does take a village, but we’ve got the best one around.

Take a moment to check out our work and get in touch to begin your web design and development project journey with emagine.