If your inbox looks anything like mine, you’re bombarded with industry conference invitations and information practically daily. With these invitations usually come a hefty price tag and a few days out of the office. That alone is enough for most people to mentally RSVP: No.

However, after increasing our efforts to attend more industry conferences this year, we’ve seen some incredible benefits. And we’ve also seen how it has impacted both our company as a whole as well as our team members gaining their own individuals insights. So, yes, conferences are beneficial to your business. Find out why below.

Learning opportunities

It’s more important than ever to stay on top of industry trends. With new advancements, tools, and tactics arising faster than we can handle, industry conferences are a great way to stay in the know. Especially since most conference speakers are chosen because they are the ones with the information we need. Instead of using time trying to figure a new system or trend that may not work best for your company, you can spend time learning about what is already working from those already doing it. You may also pick up personal insights and information that isn’t so mainstream yet and will put you on the map as an early adaptor.

Networking & partnership opportunities

Another huge benefit to attending industry conferences is the face-to-face networking! While you may have a built a digital rapport with other industry veterans through social media and such, nothing beats putting a face to name and a one-on-one conversation. Additionally, while networking you may find opportunities to collaborate or partner with other similar businesses where both parties reap benefits.

Inspiration galore

We all get creative blocks once and a while. Conferences are a great way to spark inspiration back into your business. Whether it’s a new marketing idea or a new system to implement to streamline your business, you’re guaranteed to leave that conference with fresh new ideas to bring into the office.

In need of an industry conference to attend? Head over to WordCamp Tampa and see emagine’s President, Bill Gadless, present as the keynote speaker with his talk: Crank Up the Volume of Your WordPress Business on Sunday, September 11th.