We sat down to interview our stellar account manager, Lauren Hanson, to help you decide if we are the right web design and digital marketing agency fit for your business.

Q: Of course the needs and desires vary from client to client, but can you tell us how you approach working with a prospective client?

A: Our prospective clients need to get a good understanding of what it would be like to work with emagine. Our first interaction usually involves my providing an introduction to emagine and the client providing an explanation of the challenges they are faced with.

It is my job to understand those challenges, make some recommendations on what I think will work well for them and share some insight as to what I’ve also seen work well for others in their position. I then pull in the right members of the emagine team for further analysis and to look at how collectively, through our various offerings, we can help! That all gets neatly packaged in a proposal for their consideration. During this process, and even prior to a proposal, I am also evaluating the client – which is kind of funny!

We don’t work with everyone, or just anyone. We look at who we’ll work with very carefully to make sure that we are the right fit for each other. There are several things that need to be aligned – everything from the work itself to the type of company… to the personalities of the team we’d be working with. We want clients that we’ll have for a lifetime, so it’s important to make sure that we’ll be a good partner to one another.

Q: What defines a successful account management strategy?

A: Success looks like both our teams working well together and executing a scope that was very well thought out that there are no “surprises”. Success is when I get on the phone with a client as they are a third of the way through the project and they tell me how much they are enjoying working with our team and are thrilled with the recommendations we’ve made and value we’ve brought to the table.

Q: What kinds of challenges get you most excited to overcome in account management?

A: The challenges that get me the most excited are when a client is entertaining two or three agencies and we walk in and completely knock the socks off their executive team with our custom pitch process. It’s like Christmas morning for me!

Our team puts so much thought and work into getting to know our clients, even in the sales process, that when we walk in the door and start talking about the various ways we are going to help them with the market opportunities we see for them and how we’ll funnel their audiences through the website to meet their goals and objectives with our solid UX recommendations, then when we show them the design concepts that we’ve mocked up and the competitive research our SEO team has pulled together – I have a grin a mile wide watching the looks on their faces!

Q: How do you feel that emagine is differentiated with regard to account management?

I have no idea what other companies do or don’t do, but what I do know is that you can’t get an agency that cares more about their clients than we do. I know we have more experience than any other agency. I know that we have a fully integrated digital team. We offer amazing digital strategy and the best design around. We offer ongoing support, hosting and project management.

We check every box, but I go back to the fact that we are made up of a team who is truly passionate about not only what we do, but we get excited about what our clients are doing and how we’ll present that to the world. That’s just something you can’t fake – and it permeates through all that we do. Having that passion ultimately lends itself to a hugely successful project and partnership because there’s magic in that passion that will be represented in their new website.