We are commonly asked about the best SEO and PPC tools for B2B digital marketing. That’s why our Digital Marketing team is sharing which tools they use, how they benefit our clients, and some of their favorite features.

We invite you for a look inside our (no-so-secret) toolbox of the best SEO and PPC tools for B2B digital marketing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers digital analytic tools to analyze website data from all touch points in one place. This provides a better understanding of the customer experience for visitors that land on your website.

How we use Google Analytics

Our team uses Google Analytics to manage client’s SEO and PPC efforts. It is especially helpful to track performance over time and provides insights into where improvements need to be made, making it #1 on our list of the best SEO and PPC tools for B2B digital marketing.

How it helps

“Google Analytics data is straight from the source on nearly everything you need to know to help you determine website performance. Everything is at your fingertips!” – Hannah Garon

“My favorite part about Google Analytics is that it’s simple, yet we still have the ability to customize it for each client account.” – Alicia Hale

“Google Analytics is great for in depth insights into ROI and campaign value measurements, plus graphing annotations options gives additional context to any account changes. Google Analytics also makes it easy to create PPC specific goals to track website conversions and user activity, create remarketing lists, and multi-channel funneling options. Finally, it’s great for learning about your PPC audience and behavior flow with seamless integration between AdWords and Google ” – Anna Quiros

“Google Analytics is one of my favorite tools for its ease of use when creating goals, custom views, filter options and any new properties. It’s capability to easily connect to goal tracking in Google Tag Manager helps me manage client accounts more efficiently.” – Chad Gourd


Moz has a complete SEO toolkit has it all: keyword research, link building, rank tracking, site audits and crawls, and page optimization insights.

How we use Moz

We use Moz to perform initial keyword research for clients that will inform their overall strategy and it has made its way to #2 on our list of the best SEO and PPC tools for B2B digital marketing . Moz is also used to create custom ranking reports and perform site audits as we work with them on an ongoing basis to improve and enhance their SEO efforts.

How Moz helps

“I love the accuracy of Moz’s rank tracking and crawl diagnostics.” – Alicia Hale

“Moz’s reports are the best. They’re so easy for everyone to read and digest.” – Hannah Garon

“Moz makes it easy to manage keywords and export ranking and crawl data that I use for content recommendations and suggestions for off-site publishing opportunities.” – Chad Gourd

“For me, the best part of Moz is the excellent insight into competitor rankings and link metrics.” – Meara Santoro


Spyfu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.

How we use SpyFu

When we need to perform competitive research to see what competitors are ranking for online, we turn to SpyFu, and that’s what it’s landed at #3 on our list of the best SEO and PPC tools for B2B digital marketing.

How SpyFu Helps

“Competitive data like rankings for SEO, budget projections and purchased search terms for PPC are a few of the top reasons we turn to SpyFu for our competitive research.” – Alicia Hale

“I leverage SpyFu to do research on competitor’s ad copy and landing pages. The insight helps inform the strategy I’ll propose to a client. SpyFu’s ability to see which keywords your competitors are getting traffic from and bidding on plus which keywords you have in common and which keywords they are bidding on that you are not gives significant insight into the strategy I’ll propose to a client.” – Anna Quiros

“SpyFu lets me generate SEO and PPC keywords and rankings on both our clients and their competition via crawled URLs.” – Chad Gourd

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) & Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console is where we monitor clients’ website performance, identify issues, submit content for crawling, removed content we don’t want indexed, view search queries and monitor backlinks. Search Engine Watch says, “Perhaps more importantly though, Search Console is where Google will communicate with you should anything go wrong (crawling errors, manual penalties, increase in 404 pages, malware detected, etc.).

Bing Webmaster Tools offers the same reports, diagnostic and research tools and notifications to maintain visibility of your website in Bing.

How we use Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools

These tools perform well for several reasons. They can control when and how Google indexes your site. There’s also the ability to submit client XML sitemaps via Bing and Google to help pages get crawled and appear in SERPs.

All of this insight into the overall performance of our clients’ websites has earned these tools the #4 on our list of the best SEO and PPC tools for B2B digital marketing.

How Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools Help

“These tools bring really great insight into how Google is crawling your website, what Google and Bing can “see”, how many pages are being indexed, how many pages are being blocked by robots, any crawl errors, etc. We can also request pages be removed from the index via Google Search Console which can come in handy!” – Meara Santoro

“These tools are invaluable to us because of the search analytics, queries and page speed insights. I can get lost in some of the queries’ impression data!” – Hannah Garon

Google Adwords

Google Adwords tracks and manages PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising campaigns.

How we use Google Adwords

We use Google Adwords to set up and track PPC campaigns for our clients. The toolset that supports strategic PPC initiatives is one reason our team loves using it and why it’s #5 on our list of the best SEO and PPC tools for B2B digital marketing (but certainly not any less valuable than the rest).

How Google Adwords Helps

“My favorite feature of Google Adwords is the Keyword Planner that determines search volume, CPC and competitive data for a specific keyword or a group of keywords. It makes performing keyword research much more efficient.” – Hannah Garon

“I’m always in Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner when I’m doing research for clients.” – Chad Gourd

“Adwords is a dynamic online advertising platform that can work for almost any type of business. Google is constantly making updates by adding new features and functions. My favorites are:

•  Flexibility to advertise on different networks all in one place (Search, Display/Remarketing, YouTube)
•  Opportunity to precisely target client audiences based on user intent when searching, keywords, demographics, devices, geographic location, etc.
•  Auction insights features that breakdown your ad/keyword in relation to your competitors.
•  Search terms reports that let you to see the reality of keywords/keyphrases people have typed to trigger your ad. This gives you immense insight into user intent.
•  Changes within the platforms are immediate.
•  Seamless integration with Google Analytics and other common software systems like CRM and Marketing Automation.”

“Overall, it comes down to empowering our team to build and manage strategic Adword campaigns for our clients” – Alicia Hale

So, there you have it!

Our main goal with SEO and PPC is to help you rank higher in the search engines and get your advertisements in front of more of the right people. These tools have proven to be essential and equip us to help you achieve these goals.

Our digital marketing team is excited about working with our clients to achieve the best results possible. Reach out today and let’s talk about how we can help you build and execute an effective SEO and PPC strategy.