social media management

With so many tools and platforms to utilize for your social media marketing, it can become overwhelming when trying to decide which one is best for your social media efforts. Depending on your daily tasks, how many accounts you’re responsible for and the volume of updates you produce, there is definitely a tool out there for every social media marketer around. However, at emagine, one of our favorite tools is Buffer.

Find out my favorite benefits of using Buffer and how you can get started using it today!

4 Benefits of Using Buffer for Your Social Media Marketing:

  1. Manage multiple accounts in one place

Aside from emagine’s branded accounts that I manage, our buffer account actually houses accounts for most of our sales and marketing members. This has been such an efficient way to share content between team members and ensure it is getting the optimal reach it’s deserves.

  1. Power Scheduler

Because we like to share our content more than once, Buffer’s Power Extension has been such a powerful tool for our marketing efforts. Choosing from your own set of intervals and messaging tactics, you can schedule blog posts and other social media updates for weeks and even months in one single shot. This is an especially great tool when I find myself with too many headline options for one blog post. The power scheduler let’s me create unique status updates for every single update, allowing me to test different headline options and imagery.

  1. Built-in Analytics

With the built-in analytics right in your dashboard, Buffer not only makes finding out what types of content is resonating with your audience best but also allows you to simply ‘re-buffer’ any of your status updates that were particularly popular to share with your audience again.

  1. Extensions, apps, and options galore!

There really isn’t much you can’t do with Buffer. From browser extensions, easy-to-use mobile apps and even more powerful options like Pablo, which allows you to make stunning imagery for every update. I also recommend Buffer because it offers a variety of plans that cater from individuals to enterprise businesses.

Have you tried Buffer for your social media marketing efforts? Found another service you like better? Let us know in the comments below!