2016 resolution series

We’re BACK! On the heels of our very successful 2015 our boss lady has asked us to come up with some goals for 2016 and yet again knock them out of the park! Last year’s resolution was more on the personal side, that whole get healthier bit, but this year I set my sites on making myself a better expert. How, you might ask?

As the Social Media Specialist here at emagine I work day in and day out with clients on SEO… you heard that right!

emagine has ALWAYS had a large roster of SEO clients and a small list of social clients. As a digital marketing strategist I’m well versed in plenty of digital marketing tactics and picking up a large amount of SEO clients in conjunction with my Social clients is part of what makes this department run so smoothly. Since I spend so much time working in analytics and talking about the ins and outs of SEO best practices, there is always more room to expand my expertise on my specialty whenever I have a free moment.

Social Advertising

While Social Advertising here at emagine has almost always been exclusively managed by our Paid Search Specialist this is a huge area of the social media game and a major area I would like to focus on in 2016. While I can talk about how to build a social presence, tactics to use to drive traffic to your website, and engagement rates all day long, running a paid advertising campaign is something I would love to tackle this year.

Yearly Report Template

Yearly reporting is something we provide to all our ongoing clients for SEO and PPC, and for my social clients I provide a level of year end reporting that I think I could take to the next level, especially with my new perspective on paid social ads. I would like to come up with a mind blowing dashboard for social that gives my clients exactly what they want to see for the year when it comes to social success all in one place.

Sales Initiatives 

I am not responsible for selling social media engagements, however, as the specialist on staff I think there is definitely room for me to provide examples of our ongoing process, case studies, and more.

Read up!

Lastly, digital marketing and social media specifically change fast. I subscribe to and follow all the best in the business and make knowing about important changes a priority. However, getting around to reading some of the tactical blog posts sometimes falls by the wayside. I would like to commit myself to read at least 5 social media blog posts a week. Seems easy enough?! In between client calls, emails, meetings, and everything else, setting aside 10 minutes a day to find and read an article worth something might take some getting used to, but at the end of the day it’s all about becoming a better strategist.

What are some way you would like to expand your expertise in 2016?