Love them or hate them, landing pages provide a powerful way to increase brand awareness, generate leads and capture their information. When you have a valuable resource for your target audience that you’re not willing to give away for “free”, you can gate your offer behind a landing page to collect user data and nurture undecided leads. Read on to find out the critical elements of a successful B2B landing page now.

Compelling, Action-oriented headline

The headline is the first thing a user will see, so it is critical to ensure it clearly defines the offer in a compelling and action-oriented message. Get to point quick, so the user can immediately decipher what you are offering and be confident that they should take action.

Brief, yet insightful offer description

You want to tell your users what they are getting from this offer but it’s important not to give it all away. Emphasize on the value that the reader will get from your offer and present in an easy-to-scan format that online users prefer. Bullet points, numbers, bolding, etc. will all help direct users to the information you want them to see.

Relevant visual aides

While visual design aspects aren’t everything, they definitely help when it comes to persuading users to take that extra step. Like your B2B website, your visuals should compliment your messaging, not distract the user from getting to the point you’re trying to make.

Limited form length & requirements

A users contact information is the digital currency of your marketing campaigns. When an individual is willing to pay money for an item, it is because they find value in it. So in order to convince a user to provide you with their contact information, it’s important to provide them with an offer of value. Don’t deter users from filling out a form with unnecessary required forms that may frustrate them and abandon your offer completely.

Social sharing icons

When a user feels a content offer is valuable and has provided their contact information, they may want to share with others who can benefit from your offer as well. Adding social sharing icons to your landing page not only increases the changes of views and downloads, but it also increases your brand awareness and social following.

A thank-you page, accompanied by an additional relevant offer

Just as you would say Thank-You for receiving a gift in person, the same goes for your offers online. Thank your user for providing their information and downloading your offer to show you truly care. Adding an additional, relevant offer can also increase engagement with your brand. Remember, they already completed one action, so don’t try to overwhelm them with a whole new one in a big flashy way. Even a small link can encourage users to come back later and check it out