If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll see that we often share some insider details on how eMagine became what it is today. Not many people know how two guys cold calling in a 500 sq. ft.  shared office, turned into a leading nationwide agency with 45+ employees who share offices in Boston, MA and Delray Beach, FL.

So the real reason why you won’t find degree requirements when applying to work with us?

Growth & Loyalty have always defined eMagine’s philosophy to team building

Not the level of your college degree. Now to be completely clear, many of our employees do in fact have college degrees. But there are also some that don’t, and that’s okay too.

eMagine’s goal from day one has always been to foster individual growth within a collaborative team environment.  We strive to provide a comfortable, warm office environment filled with smart, motivated team players, regardless of what you’re “background” is.  And we’ve been fortunate to have great success in doing so. However, there are a few things we do require in our candidates.

For example, when looking for WordPress & PHP Advanced Developers we want someone who has:

  • Extensive experience with database design
  • Superior communication skills, and are comfortable discussing strategy and exploring solutions with non-technical members.
  • High interest in keeping up with rapidly evolving front end and Open Source technologies

Someone who can:

  • Prioritize, plan and manage their time.
  • Feel comfortable managing and collaborating with other developers across multiple projects, as well as working with multiple project managers.

And one last requirement:

Someone who wants to own their passion and share that passion with others through killer work. Does this remind you of someone like yourself? Well, you’re in luck because we actually are looking for WordPress & PHP Advanced Developers, as well as a few other positions. Go check out our careers page and apply today!