It isn’t often that we tout the accolades of our CEO and Co-Founder, but this recent event deserves special recognition. We wanted to share this with all of you.

Bridgewater Badgers Youth Football Association held a dedication of a head stone and flag pole to our own CEO, Brett Cohen. For 15 years, Brett has been a literal hero to countless children playing in this football league, as well as their parents.  As coach, he took the team to 6 Superbowls and won 4 of them.   Until recently, he also served as President of the league for several years.   As businessman and brilliant fundraiser, Brett helped raise an unprecedented amount of money that got the team a new concession stand, new equipment shed, new uniforms and helmets.  He also participated in (and won) a contest that awarded his team stadium lighting to play night games.

But despite all of the things Brett has done for the team and the league, every parent would tell you that he’s always done it for the kids.  It’s rare to find a children’s sports coach who can win the way he did while making it all about the kids’ experience. (including his own son, Bryce).