News recently broke that Amazon and AARP are planning to collaborate on projects targeting the aging population. With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day, this demographic is a prime target for healthcare initiatives. This seems like a perfect matchup: AARP is focused on enhancing the quality of life of the elderly population while Amazon brings the power of Alexa, their digital network of comprehensive products & services, and immense distribution channel.

In our emagineHealth Luminaries Series video, “Marketing Across Generations”, our experts share their insights on marketing to the aging population, including key trends in digital advertising & design, and how you can enhance the caregiver and patient experience in healthcare marketing.

The acceleration of technology and healthcare companies uniting, in addition to big techs entering the healthcare industry, speaks to a universal theme across the industry: the continued advancement of healthcare innovation. Just last week we saw Pear Therapeutics and Sandoz, a division of Novartis, launch a digital health partnership to tackle the national opioid epidemic. As more partnerships continue to form, the aging population will remain a prime demographic for healthcare marketers. To capture market share in the industry, businesses will need to successfully market to this population to stay competitive.

Our Luminaries Series is a monthly video segment featuring emagineHealth experts discussing fundamental components of a successful marketing strategy including how to navigate common industry challenges and our recommended best practice solutions.

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