Digital therapeutics, where software is used as a fundamental competent to positively impact the clinical result on a disease, is an emerging healthcare trend. The entrepreneurs venturing into this space believe they can augment the delivery of medicine by digitalizing the experience through software.

Pear Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics company based in Boston and San Fransisco, just signed a commercialization deal with Sandoz, a Novartis division, in an effort to find clinical solutions for patients with substance use disorder and opioid use disorder.

A partnership like this is the first of its kind. It signals a changing landscape where medicine and technology intertwine resulting in tangible clinical outcomes. Digital therapeutics has the potential to change the world and redefine our perceptions of what digital health really means moving forward.

In our vlog, “The Emergence of Digital Therapeutics”, David Hubbell, our Director of Strategy, shares his insights on: 

  • What this growing healthcare sector is all about
  • How to successfully market in this segment
  • The value of telling your own unique story in a competitive landscape

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