Picture yourself in this situation… 

It is first thing in the morning and you have a tight deadline to meet. You have to publish a new press release that coincides with a big company announcement. You log into your site, have everything set and ready to go, check the page, and nothing is displaying properly. Is it that something was posted wrong? Is there a broken functionality? How are you supposed to fix this with your deadline inching closer and closer?

Paging Dr. Fix-It: Maintenance & Support

With ever changing environments, websites need to constantly be updated – content management systems alone update multiple times throughout the course of a year. It’s almost impossible to stay on top of and remember everything that needs to be done. Here at emagine, we have a team that can help keep track of everything! With our team of experts, we are here to make your lives easier by providing a variety of services all to help make sure your site is the best it can be. We handle all kinds of issues including:

  • Consultation, guidance, and training on the use of the website and content management system
  • Editing, revising, or updating page and product content
  • Modifications and minor enhancements to existing functions, forms, and features on the existing website
  • Updates required to website due to incompatibilities with new browsers and new browser versions
  • Helpdesk CMS support
  • CMS updates and patches
  • Repairing of bugs and errors
  • …and more!

If you’ve ever found yourself in an emergency situation where you’ve needed a friendly reminder on how to update something, or needed immediate attention because your site suddenly crashed, let us help! Interested in learning more about what the emagine Support Team can do for you and your site? Contact us here.

Stay tuned for our next post to learn about our maintenance services and some exciting new projects we have been working on to help push your site to the top!