Many B2B marketers are seeing the value of Facebook advertising to attract new visitors to their brand. But did you know that your advertising efforts, if not done properly, can cost you money and reduce your ad’s visibility? Here are several tips to a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Link your ads to your Facebook page

Did you know that Facebook charges advertisers higher rates for links that direct users outside of the Facebook forum? Keep your links in your ads pointing to your Facebook page, and then use secondary links (landing tabs, comments, etc) if you wish to direct people off Facebook and onto your website, blog, or other property. Advertisers who link their ads to their Facebook page can reduce their ad spend by as much as 29%.

Use “like” for better ad performance

Unlike other ad media, Facebook ads work best when they are social ads, ads that contain a social element such as featuring a “like” button. Using social ads allow users to see friends who have also liked your brand, which increases your brand’s authority through trust.

Create your ads with Facebook in mind

While this might seem obvious, you would be surprised how many advertisers don’t use 3 key factors in building their ads:

  • Ads sized 110 X 80 pixels
  • Simple, specific calls to action, for example “like our page and get 15% off your purchase”
  • Close up pictures, specifically of human faces, rather than photos or objects from far away or graphics with a lot of white space

Don’t forget to keep your Facebook page updated and interesting

With the new timeline layout, your Facebook page is more like a website’s home page than ever before. And you know how important your home page is in defining who you are and what your business can do for its visitors. Make sure you are using you Facebook timeline best practices to keep your page fresh and interesting.

Consider Sponsored Stories

Facebook has a neat feature that allows your page to be highlighted as a sponsored story when a friend likes your page. This integration in your friend’s newsfeed have been known to outperform Facebook’s other ad types with an average click thru rate (CTR) of 0.05%.

Landing Tabs are Facebook’s answer to Landing Pages

With the new timeline interface, brands can no longer set a default tab when people land of your page. Bu that makes landing tabs no less important. In fact, landing tabs are the perfect destination for your Facebook ads. And, you can showcase your important tabs underneath your cover image, so follow the visual rules for these images as mentioned before.

Facebook ads are quickly becoming an important tool in the B2B marketer’s tool belt. And, with the right strategy and practice, your ads in Facebook can easily begin to perform and convert for your business.