With the new Facebook IPO launched and acquisitions happening left and right, Facebook has become a social media force to be reckoned with, or at least one in the limelight right now. Businesses, both in the B2C and B2B world, are beginning to find more and more value in placing ads on Facebook. But, just as any other advertising campaign, there are specific things you can do to stand out from your competition in the marketplace. Here are some tips to improve your Facebook ad performance:

A compelling picture grabs their attention

Just as images are key in your Facebook marketing strategy, so too should your image be a vital first impression with your ads. It is often said that the magic formula for images is that they be funny, controversial, and intriguing.

A powerful headline draws them in

If your picture is your billboard, your headline should be the hook that compels the reader to act. This is where a simple, enticing call to action comes into play. Focus on your customer’s emotions – what they need or want – to evoke the action of clicking.

If they can get something for free, tell them

People are drawn to something valuable that is given away for free. If you have something you can give away that will incentivize your viewers, do it. And your giveaway does not have to be product. Some of the most valuable incentives are educational (articles, whitepaper, case studies).

Don’t build a field of dreams…target!

Facebook has the incredible functionality to drill down to exact demographics and geographics, so take advantage of this feature and version your ads accordingly.

Don’t be familiar, be innovative

One of the potential drawbacks to the Facebook medium is that familiarity breeds boredom. Switch up your ads’ images and text frequently, as the more recognizable the ad, the more likely your audience becomes blind to it.

Send them to the end of the rainbow

Your ads inevitably are only as good as the landing pages you send them to. If you target your audience, and use an eye-catching image and compelling text, you need to make sure your landing page visually and textually matches the expectation set by the ad.

Make sure you understand your own expectations

Ultimately, your ads need to be measured, so be sure you have determined your goals before you place your ads. Are you creating brand awareness, trying to grow an email list, or drive traffic to a compelling place on your blog or website? Be sure you have clearly defined goals, so you can measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaign.

What have you done to improve your Facebook ads?