Given my recent trip to Disney World and having just seen the latest version of Cinderella, it has not only left me feeling like a princess, but also pondering the whole glass slipper concept as I’m finding that it relates to my role as a Web Strategist here at emagine. Although I don’t get to wear a tiara, I do know a perfect fit when I meet one!

I have the sincere pleasure of speaking to a variety of prospective clients in many different spaces. It’s my favorite part of what I get to do all day long. Hearing from the VP of Marketing at a Biotech company out in California about the amazing work they are doing to aid in the cancer battle. Or, the same type of company in our own back yard on the East Coast who has thousands and thousands of products they manufacture and sell for research initiatives. Ahhh, and of course I can’t forget some of my favorite people (nicest guys around) sitting in the Valley of the Sun at a world-renowned neurological hospital who are (quite simply) saving lives every day.  Oh, yes and the pharmaceutical company with the most amazing team that has a fantastic, fun-loving approach to getting the job done in a world constrained by regulatory torture. And, that’s just healthcare… Never mind my high-tech friends who are responsible for software that translates unfathomable amounts of data into information that is useable for analytical means that I never dreamt existed. I didn’t touch on manufacturing, engineering or energy examples, but you get the idea.

All sorts of different people, personalities and corporate cultures who have different needs, demands and budgets. I don’t have “the feeling” every single time. And, In fact, we’ve been known to say “No, thank you” when our foot is too big for a prospects glass slipper. We value our relationships so much they outweigh any sort of financial gain.

Here are a few signs that give me “the feeling” a prospect is a perfect fit:

  • Good people. It is so rewarding to work with teams that are, well… nice. That’s my first sign.
  • Perfect size.  We have an amazing biz dev team. If we’ve reached out to you, it was because we took the time to do research on you and your company.  We know you, we like you! Your over-all credentials are in line with who we typically work with, and, your existing site is, well… It’s AWFUL.  Sorry, but it is true
  • Your industry. We have done extensive work in your space and we can’t wait to leverage our experience and research-driven approach to meet the goals and objectives of your project.
  • Your CMS sucks. You need to be on WordPress so you can have control. Who doesn’t like to have control!?!?  WordPress allows you flexibility and customization that doesn’t require an entire IT team to keep your site running. Oh and it consumes over 60% of the CMS market share, end of story.
  • You can afford us.  We will never be the cheapest, but we can guarantee your site will pay off in the long run. Your website is your face to the world. You wouldn’t put a pimpled picture of yourself on a dating site, now would you? It is worth the investment to do it the right way with an award-winning firm that has over 18 years of experience with an A-team only staff!

I could go on and on, but the moral of the story stays the same:  “If the shoe fits, WEAR IT!”