The successful launch of a best in class website is the dream of nearly every digital marketer on the planet. And you’ve managed to do just that.

It likely feels like you’ve put your heart and soul into your new site. Seemingly endless hours of work, and countless meetings have contributed to your success. You’ve been having dreams about your site architecture, the perfect user experience, page copy, optimization strategies – the list goes on. And it’s finally live. Now what?

Celebrate Your Achievement

First things first – celebrate your achievement! A complete redesign and overhaul of your company’s web presence is not an easy feat and you deserve to shout it from the rooftops. Your entire team deserves ample praise and recognition.

Before you book that one-way flight to an island far far away from development sprints and daunting requirement documents, take the time to share how new website is contributing to your business’ growth.

Here are a few ways you can announce the stellar achievement that is your sleek, new website.

Publish a Blog Post

The launch of your new site may reflect several changes in your company.  Share those exciting details in a blog post. Highlight any updates that may seem jarring to those who know your business intimately. Reflect on and showcase the positive impact that your new branding, messaging, and updated product offerings will have on them.

Your post should be celebratory in nature and hopeful in tone. Try to answer any questions your most frequent site visitors could potentially have.  If your site has already been open to the public for a few weeks, get in touch with your sales team to get an idea of what feedback your customers have about the site’s facelift. Use this research when writing your post to make it an even more helpful reference guide.

Share it on Social

Social media is a great marketing avenue to shout out your most exciting announcements.  Drive interest and traffic to your site by creating a campaign, uniquely designed to explore your new website.

Reflect back to the initial conversations and meetings about rebuilding your website. What were the pain points you were trying to resolve? What were the most critical elements you wanted to update? Focus your campaign around these elements and make your posts as engaging as possible. Use GIFs, videos and thought-provoking imagery that coordinate with the look and feel of your beautiful new site.

Email Your Existing Customers

One of the best ways to spread enthusiasm and generate excitement about your successful project is to inform your faithful customers!  They want to keep up to date with your organization and are likely your brand ambassadors, so it’s important to keep them informed.

Send an email to your customer file and announce the arrival of your new website.  One good way to boost the engagement rate of your newsletter is to have it come from your CEO or President.

An email from the head honcho, explaining the exciting journey your organization went on to create this state of the art website will resonate with your customers. Of course, also use this opportunity to indicate what major changes will affect them and how they can still find what they’re looking for on the new platform.

Congrats – Now You Can Breathe

Congratulations on a website well done. Take your excitement with you through the finish line of the project and remember to generate enthusiasm within your organization and among current and potential customers with these tips.