Let’s face it – there’s no company that doesn’t have to make hard decisions based on limitations of budget, time, resources, etc. But, when it comes to your digital marketing…your brand…your image to the world…how your customers and prospective customers perceive you…your lead generation engines…

Do you really think “good enough” digital marketing will get you to where you need to be?

As I see it, the term “digital marketing” is essentially “marketing.” Digital has officially become the most dominant component to any marketing strategy. Being a digital agency, our experience and observations mostly pertain to websites and digital marketing campaigns. We’ve seen literally hundreds of instances where fast, cheap or local were the leading decision drivers, as opposed to the best.

And don’t get me wrong – it’s not as though marketers or executives are accepting the reality that quality (and consequently results) will suffer. Rather, they convince themselves that they will achieve “good enough” results from “fast” or “cheap.”

Nobody is suggesting that you should engage in over-analysis-paralysis or drag things out unnecessarily or irresponsibly spend more money than your company can afford. But, when it comes to something so critical to your top and bottom lines, how could you possibly justify compromising by taking the path of least resistance?

Some Closing Tips

Take the time to do it right

A good, custom website will take between 90-120 days, at least. This is not based on your agency’s process or bandwidth. This is the reality of an effective, thoughtful, collaborative effort between you and your digital marketing partner.

Choose the right partner

  • How much experience does the project team have? I don’t mean how much work is shown on the agency’s website; but rather, the folks you’ll actually be working with – how much specific, relevant digital marketing experience and expertise do they have? Ask, probe and understand their bios and backgrounds.
  • How equipped is the agency to support you during and after your initial digital marketing engagement? A portfolio of pretty websites and successful case studies are only half the story. Does they have the infrastructure required to provide a superior level of attention and support?

Don’t cheap out

Again, I’m not suggesting you overspend. But “you get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to digital marketing services. At least 40% of your marketing budget should go to digital. (these days we’re actually seeing higher percentages). In fact, most studies show marketers are investing most heavily in: Websites, SEO, Content (marketing), E-mail and Paid Search.

Obviously everything has its nuances on a per-company basis. Timeframe, budget, agency preferences and personal chemistry. Many of these decisions should be commensurate with the size and complexity of your company.

The bottom line?

Just do it the right way. None of us can afford to waste a day (or a dime) on initiatives that are shortcutted or shortchanged.