On top of all the recent Google Updates, now Google+ is at it again despite speculation that the network is on it’s way out. This month they made an update leveraging it’s users to curate content. This month’s update is called Collections, and here is the break down of what you need to know to use them.

Collections vs. Communities

The older sibling to Collections was Communities. This was where like-minded people could gather in a typical forum style around specific topics. Google+ Communities mimics the success of Pinterest by allowing users to create collections around a certain topic and share them with groups of people or publicly. Think of it like a bulletin board surrounding certain topics.


Once you create a collection users can find it under a tab on your business page. Since this is a brand new feature if you adopt early your collections could become featured by Google+, bringing in more eyes on your Google+ page, and in turn, your business.

How your B2B Can Use It

Understanding the difference between collections and communities is step one. Now you are rightfully wondering how do I leverage this tool for my business. Well, the way you use Communities is not very different from how you might utilize Pinterest. Think of some of the major topic areas of your business. Ex. A Tech Start Up could focus on a collection based on the Internet of Things, Products, Tech Trends, etc. You can then share these with your followers or sects of your followers.

Is It Right For Your Strategy

I do not suggest collections unless you have the content to continue to populate it and Google+ is a viable part of your social media strategy. While Google+ is adding new functionality the fact remains it can be a ghost town when it comes to B2B content. The first step is determining if Google+ is right for you. Updating a social network that influences search results like Google+ regularly never hurts!

Getting Started

Users are going to follow these boards to get inspired. The goal should be to continue to provide value to these collections so you can keep your audience interested.

  • Start by righting down your main topic areas, these could be the same as your Pinterest boards if applicable.
  • Once you have picked the topics start aggregating content.
  • Once you have created your collections begin following like-minded collections and keep yours updated.
  • Share your collections on your other social networks as well to create awareness.

Have you taken on Google+ Communities yet? What are your thoughts?