In an attempt to be more inclusive with its Webmaster Tools, Google has rebranded it, Google Search Console. No longer should non-webmasters be afraid to use these tools.

Now, Google claims that not only webmasters and SEO professionals, but business owners, marketers and everyone in between, can confidently monitor their website performance in the Google Search Console. Is this claim to good to be true?

In short, yes. The only thing that appears to have changed so far is the name. So, while the name seems a little more welcoming, it’s still the same old Webmaster Tools, and will leave the uninitiated scratching their heads wondering what to do with all of this great information.

If you’ve been using Webmaster Tools regularly, the only change you’ll see right now is the term Search Console in place of Webmaster Tools throughout, so, no new tools to play with yet #sadface. However, based on the new features and functionality Google already rolled out this May 2015, we can only imagine what new and exciting things may be coming in the future.

It appears Google will be rolling the Search Console change out to everyone over the next several weeks. If you don’t see the change in your Webmaster Tools yet, don’t fret; it will be there soon enough. Now how long will it take Google to make the changes in Analytics?

If you were afraid to dive into Webmaster Tools before, will the change to the more inclusive Search Console make you more likely to jump in and give it a try? Tell us in the comments below!