B2B buyers scrutinize potential vendors more closely than ever. Results from the Sixth Annual Demand Gen Report 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey demonstrate that today’s consumer demands an exceedingly high level of customer service, personalization and a strong knowledge of their company and needs. We explore the top four reasons why B2B buyers choose the winning vendor below.


98% of survey respondents state that the timeliness of a vendor’s response rate to inquires is the most important consideration when choosing a vendor. With an increasingly crowded marketplace, B2B vendors need to be responsive to inquiries from their buyers before they get a chance to speak with one of your competitors. Your B2B website can increase your chances of B2B buyers reaching out for questions by:

  • Providing contact information across your website in easy-to-find places.
  • Including a phone number that is visible and working.
  • Include an actual email or sales rep information so they know exactly who to speak to.

Solution & Business Landscape Knowledge

Vendors that demonstrated a strong knowledge of the solution area and business landscape was a top reason for 97% of survey respondents. B2B buyers want to know right away what can your solution do for them. They will find out all about your awards and accolades as they move along the sales cycle, but for the initial contact, buyers want to know that you understand exactly what challenges they face and what solutions you have to fix them. You can include certain types of content to your B2B website to help prove your case to vendors, such as:

  • Messaging that speaks directly to company or industry
  • Thought-leadership content
  • Testimonials & social proof

Knowledge of Company & Their Needs

For many B2B buyers, personalization is key. With every company searching for new ways to elevate and differentiate their business online, it’s not enough for vendors to simply be familiar with their own products and solutions. Today, vendors need to have a strong knowledge about the B2B buyer, their company, and it’s needs. This was the winning element for 94% of respondents who participated in the survey. Stand out from the rest by doing diligent research on:

  • The company, their challenges, needs and other improvements you can suggest.
  • Their competitors, what they are doing differently and suggestions to stand out against them.
  • Provide content that speaks directly to their company.

Content That Shows ROI

90% of B2B buyers were won over by vendors that provided content that made it easier to show ROI and/or build a business case for the purchase. Buyers are facing more financial scrutiny from corporate and 61% said they now conduct a more detailed ROI analysis before making a final decision. When vendors are researching for this type of content, ensure your B2B website is equip with content that:

  • Vendor-focused; case studies, product data sheets
  • Easy-to-access pricing and competitive information
  • Easy-to-access content; no long registration forms.

The insights from this report indicate that the already lengthy and complicated B2B buying journey shows no signs of becoming shorter. As the number of decision makers increase during the buying process, it remains even more difficult for vendors to prove their case among the additional executive minds. With all these interesting changes in the B2B buyer landscape, one thing still remains: buyers are researching their purchases diligently and are leaning towards vendors that provide credibility and trust.