Humans like humans. Regardless of the industry you’re in or serve, the relationships you build with your prospects is a profoundly intimate one. Online buyers seek out companies that are creditable and ultimately, one they can trust. One way to do that is to make your online presence as humanized as possible. That is, make sure your marketing messages are intentionally written to convey not just your expertise and accolades, but also the unique traits, approach and level of service a prospect is likely to receive.

Humanize the Online Experience

Personalized, professional imagery that conveys your brand, the work you do, and your culture. This will give prospects a better idea of what type of company you are and the people they will be working with. Be careful with using generic stock imagery that can be considered cheesy and unoriginal. The more you can use real life imagery the better.

Messaging and content that highlights how you can help and differentiates you from competition. By the time an average B2B user lands on your website, they are already aware of the problem they are facing and are looking for the best solution to fix it. There’s a good chance they’ve already scoped out some of your competitors. That means your messaging and other content should clearly explain why and how you plan to help those in need and be easy to understand. Stay away from boasting, bragging and trying to use complex terminology that you think will impress prospects. The awards you’ve won in the past won’t help convince them why you’re better than anyone else.

Videos that show the true human side of your business. That means your videos should showcase those who actually work at your company and should highlight their personal insights and interests related to your company. When done correctly with an authentic voice, prospects get to see the human side of your company and feel at ease that they will be working with a real person who knows what their talking about.

Social proof that demonstrate your creditability. Sometimes to best to provide our prospects with an ‘outsider’ opinion. Leveraging social proof in the forms of testimonials and quotes from those you’ve worked with can help seal the deal with undecided buyers. Ensure your social proof backs up the claims on your website and demonstrate the true experience your clients receive.

Far too many websites focus on profiling a company’s expertise. Unfortunately, expertise isn’t enough. Prospects are looking for companies they can trust, and feel comfortable working with. To help convince other humans to work with you, you need to be human.