As a digital marketing firm we get questions daily about how different strategies can work for our clients. One of the most common questions I get when it comes to social media is, “Do we really need a Facebook?” the answer is more complicated than a yes or no, as most things are in marketing. Our position on Facebook depends on the client. I do believe Facebook still has a place for B2B when done the right way.

Why Have a Facebook Page?

  • Take control of your online reputation.
  • A free opportunity to promote and brand your company.
  • A place to advocate your employees and the good your business does everyday.
  • Direct traffic back to your website.

Social Media is Not Cookie Cutter

The first thing to understand about social media is not all networks work for all businesses. If your B2B does not have the content, subject matter, or audience for Facebook, then don’t force it. Facebook works for many B2B businesses but it isn’t a requirement. If you find that LinkedIn and Twitter are more in line with your marketing goals, then by all means put your resources towards making those networks great.

Add Value in a Different Way

The most successful strategy for a B2B business is to provide a unique view into their business that they cannot find on other networks you may be participating in. The posts on your Facebook page should reflect the personal side of your business. Sharing job openings, pictures from company events, new hires and promotions alongside blog content and industry articles offers a behind the scenes look into what your company is like on a personal level.

Do it Right!

Whether you decide a Facebook strategy is right for your business or not, the bottom line is to commit to a strategy. Make sure that you are posting consistently, scheduling a variety of posts (infographics, images, blogs), and implementing a community management strategy of liking other pages and engaging with those who like, comment, and share your content.