As a B2B company, there’s a good chance you rely on your website to keep your business running by providing visitors with quality information about your services. However, if your website isn’t being consistently updated, optimized, or designed to today’s web standards, it probably isn’t doing much for your business. If you’re relying on a web agency to keep your B2B website up-to-par and they aren’t living up to their end of the bargain, it might be a sign that’s time to find a new web agency that will. While it’s never easy to part ways with a trusted partner, these signs might convince you otherwise.

No communication

A major benefit in hiring an outside web agency is that they possess the skills and knowledge required to get your B2B website running as the powerhouse it should. So when you’re unable to get a hold of your web agency to make changes or get updates on progress, there’s really no point in having them working as an extension of your marketing team. While your web agency is most likely working with other clients besides your company, you shouldn’t have to chase down your developers and designers or follow up again and again. If you find yourself running into this problem time after time, it might a sign to move on.

Your site is frequently down or broken

Because you’re relying on a web agency to handle your website, you probably aren’t paying too much attention to the updates and maintenance needed to keep your site running. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you should be paying attention to the frequency that your site isn’t up and running as it should. The best B2B web agency understands that the success of their business is dependent on the success of your website. If you’re consistently noticing your website being down or functionalities not working properly, it’s time to find a web agency who will.

Simple requests take too long and cost too much

As mentioned above, your current B2B web agency may be juggling a variety of projects for a variety of clients outside of your company. So it’s understandable if they aren’t responding minutes after you reach out or updates aren’t being done that second. But that doesn’t mean they should take weeks or months at a time either. Additionally, any work that requires additional money should be mentioned right away. If your simple request is being met with a hefty invoice, this is another red flag that it is time to move on.

Break ups are never easy, but it’s important that your web agency is meeting your website needs. If your needs aren’t being met by your partner, it’s time to find a web agency who takes your B2B website as serious as you do. Are you ready to move on from your B2B web agency? Contact us today.


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