Facebook announced a new change to newsfeeds last week giving their users the ability to choose what updates they want to see first. Users can now navigate to News Feed Preferences and select the people and brands they want prioritized and who and what content matters most to them.

Why the Change?

Facebook organic reach has been in a nosedive for over a year, the ability to reach your entire audience with every post is over. What Facebook is now focused on is providing the content its users care about the most first. The catalyst for the change came from Facebook users earlier this year who were concerned that they were missing important information from those they cared about the most.

What to Know

  • The major thing to take away is this is only available for mobile Facebook users on iOS and later to be rolled out to Android and desktop. The timeline of which should be in the next couple weeks.
  • The update allows three major features. Users to select friends and pages they want to prioritize within their newsfeeds. The option to select which friends and pages they want to follow and unfollow. Lastly the ability to discover new pages aggregated based on the posts they’ve interacted with.
  • Compelling content still wins. The only way to take advantage of this feature is to provide content your followers will want to read and continue to look forward to reading.

While Facebook for B2B is still relevant it is definitely not the top dog when it comes to social networks, those honors are reserved for LinkedIn and Twitter. What is still important as marketers is to always stay on top of what is changing and how your target audience is consuming content.