We’re are very excited to announce that a few members of the emagine team will be joining in on the festivities at WordCamp Miami 2015. Taking place May 29th-31st at Florida International University, WordCamp is the tech conference that brings everyone from casual users to core developers together to talk all things WordPress…and you know how much we love to talk about WordPress, so we won’t be missing out on this opportunity.

What is WordCamp?

As stated on their website, WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. While each conference may vary depending on the local organizer and speakers attending, they do follow a few strict guidelines, such as:

  • It’s about everything WordPress. This means that the content and the session tracks talk strictly about using and developing WordPress as well as some of the issues the local community has with using this rapidly expanding platform.
  • Open to all, content galore, shared with community. Whether you’re a newbie blogger, professional developer or even someone who has never used WordPress, this event is open to all. That’s what makes WordCamp so great because while it is focused on this amazing CMS, it doesn’t discriminate on those who use other platforms on the web.
  • Educating and fun. Not only do you get to meet a variety of people who are crazy smart, insanely inspired and inspiring, but following the conference is an after-party at a nearby location where you can have a few drinks with your new friends and hatch your (WordPress-based, of course) plot to take over the world.

What to expect at WordCamp Miami

Organized by local community user, David Bisset, this year’s conference is expected to have a few new and exciting elements. With networking as one of the biggest reasons people come to WordCamp Miami, David’s focus for 2015 was to get people meeting and talking with others they haven’t met and would like to get to know. This means focusing on the youth, diversity in general, and developers that work outside of WordPress (PHP in general, Drupal, etc.). A serious discussion about the future of WordPress is also expected. We’re really anticipating this one, as it’s been an active topic especially over the last few months and we can’t wait to join in and participate in an overall positive discussion with both good and negatives discussed, with people involved that the community respects.

Stay tuned for the follow-up post next month on our experience at WordCamp Miami 2015 and if you’re planning on attending, let us know! We’d love to meet you, too!