The first week of May was a busy one for Google! While many of us were sitting back and eating tacos and sipping on margaritas in observance of Cinco de Mayo,

Google was rolling out new products and functionalities for Digital Marketers in the SEO, PPC and Social Media world. Here’s what I believe emagine’s B2B clients need to know.

Hello Search Analytics

Many of our ongoing SEO clients are quite familiar with the Queries report that was available through both Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. This report claimed to feature data that related to the keywords (or “queries”) users typed into Google to access a particular website. It also claimed to include a site’s position (or ranking) for those keywords, their click through rate (CTR), and a site’s impressions (or appearances) in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for that particular keyword. We’ve always had a bit of an issue with the Queries report since we’ve found the data located within it to be inaccurate on multiple occasions.

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 Google announced that it had rolled out a replacement for the Queries report located within Google Webmaster Tools, called the Search Analytics report. Google boasts that the data within this new report will be much more accurate than its predecessor. It remains to be seen whether or not Google’s claims of improved accuracy of the data included within the Search Analytics report will prove to be true. emagine will be doing some testing on this new Search Analytics report and may begin replacing our Queries report with this new report each month if it meets our reporting standards. Our SEO Specialist, Allie Viau, will have more on this report in an upcoming post on the emagine blog.

AdWords Livestream and New Product Rollout

On Tuesday, May 2, 2015, Google held a Livestream event in order to announce some product improvements and new product offerings within AdWords. Several different new ad formats were revealed, some of which were created specifically for the auto, hotel, and insurance industries.

In addition to the new ad formats, some goodies were launched that we believe will be of great help to emagine’s clients. One of these announcements included a reduction in the amount of ad sizes needed for the Google Display Network, GDM. Formerly, in order to run Display Advertising or Remarketing campaigns through Google AdWords, a client was required to have 15 different ad sizes to have optimal placement of their banners ads. Now, Google has drastically cut the number of ad sizes required for Display and Remarketing campaigns down to three. The three ad sizes will auto resize, but should have the following original dimensions: 728×90, 300×250, 160×600. These three image ad sizes cover 95% of GDN. Also of note from the AdWords Livestream is the enhancement and improvement of some of the measurement tools located in Adwords. Formerly known as Search Funnels, Adwords Attribution will now include the ability to select an attribution model for each conversion type. I’ve only touched on some of the major features and advances revealed during the #StepInsideAdWords event, but our resident PPC Specialist, Leah Yount, will be taking you through all of the different products and changes that were revealed during the AdWords Livestream in her blog post next week.

Google+ Launches Collections

Convinced after all of the news was revealed in the last few months that Google+ may be meeting the end of its run? Google is fighting back against this trending topic with a launch of a new piece of functionality called Collections. Collections is a new feature that will allow users to create collections of their favorite images, videos, and other content from throughout the Internet. Similar to Pinterest, a Google+ user can create multiple Collections categorized by theme, and also can follow Collections created by other Google+ users. It can be debated whether or not the new addition of Collections will allow Google+ to steal market share from Pinterest, but for those that are still loyal to the much-bemoaned social network, this new functionality will allow them the ease of “pinning” and interacting with others without having to log into two different websites. Hannah Beacham, our Social Media Specialist, will be sharing her thoughts about Collections in an upcoming post on the emagine blog.

Overall, I’m encouraged that Google has followed up its Mobile-Friendly Algorithm update with some new and improved product offerings for Digital Marketers. If we are judging the next year based on the first four months of 2015, the coming months are sure to hold more exciting Google product news and updates.