BTU International

Quick Facts

BTU International

BTU International, a subsidiary of Amtech, is a global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment to the alternative energy, solar and electronics assembly markets. Since 1950, and with over 10,000 units shipped, BTU International has been the trusted name for high-tech customers with a need to solve high-volume thermal processing challenges.


We created a strategy to optimize BTU International’s website for priority keywords such as “reflow oven”, “smt reflow ovens”, and other terms specifically related to their products and the applications of those products.

With an objective of increasing organic traffic volume and visibility over time, our teams worked together to create an ongoing SEO strategy consisting of onsite content optimization, technical SEO management and researching and updating the targeted keyword strategy over time to reflect new products and changes to their business’ priorities.

BTU migrated their previous website to WordPress and our team ensured the SEO value and authority of their domain would be carried over to the new website. Since the CMS transition, organic traffic has continued to improve for BTU.


  • 9.28% increase in organic search traffic year over year.  
  • Organic traffic accounted for about 54% (28,853 sessions) of traffic to the site.