Healthcare Technology Company

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Healthcare Technology Company

This client is a market leader in providing a cloud-based e-commerce software platform that enables health insurances to deliver their own branded online exchange. The company’s technology brings consumers and insurers closer together by powering a personalized health insurance experience.


A leading company providing private exchange solutions for health insurers engaged us to launch the company’s first LinkedIn sponsored update campaign. The overarching goal was to improve lead generation by presenting decision makers with captivating content.

To hit the ground running, the client compiled their most compelling white papers, ebooks, and videos. Leveraging these assets, we created a new LinkedIn advertising campaign and scheduled two sponsored updates a month – each with a different asset.

In August and September of that year, we launched two videos and a white paper to the same audience and received great engagement numbers.

Although the campaign was performing well, we recommended delivering a case study to the same audience to compare the results. The health insurance exchange company published a beautiful case study and we launched a new sponsored update at the end of September.


This client’s engagement numbers nearly doubled as a result of presenting a case study compared to a white paper. In the chart to the right, you can see the spike in total interactions post launch.

*Data points in chart are weekly.
Results of emagine's paid search and digital marketing services on this healthcare technology client.