WAN Optimization Company

This client’s application control solutions provide multi-dimensional visibility and control for end-to-end management of both the network and the cloud to help organizations guarantee the best possible quality of experience for business critical applications.


emagine created a strategy to optimize this WAN Orchestration company’s website for competitive terms such as “WAN optimization,” “traffic shaping,” and “WAN optimizer.” With an objective of increasing organic traffic volume and visibility, our teams collaborated to implement a holistic onsite SEO strategy focused on high-quality, optimized content and management of technical SEO factors.

The client launched a brand new website built by emagine on WordPress and we ensured the optimization implemented on the old site wasn’t lost when the new website. In fact, organic traffic continued to improve. Over time, as the client’s focus and strategy changed, we adjusted the SEO strategy accordingly with fresh keyword analysis and content updates.


During a 6-month period comparison to the previous year, we saw:

  • 20.91% increase in organic search traffic
  • Organic traffic accounted for 37% of traffic to the site.

WAN Optimization Company SEO graph.