A call-to-action is an essential ingredient for any marketing campaign or program. It appeals to users and encourages them to take action, or complete a conversion. Conversion is simply getting someone to respond to some kind of a call to action. Most of the time, it involves a click or tap on a button.

A CTA can be used to spur users to take any step: download a PDF, fill out a form, buy a product, or even just click through to another page. A CTA can also be used on other place outside of your website. Check them out below:

Your Cover Photo

Facebook now allows users to activate a CTA right on their cover photo of their Facebook page. Not only does this allow for prime visibility and placement for your CTA, but it is always editable to align with your marketing goals at that time.

Your Status Updates

Additionally, Facebook also provides users the ability to ‘Create an Offer or Event’ through a status update. This is a powerful way to drive conversions to a web offer your company is having or to a registration page for an online event such as a webinar.

Custom Tabs

Custom tabs are a unique way to promote landing pages, blogs, additional social media channels, or a sign up page. With the ability to create custom images for each tab, your CTA’s can deliver a consistent, streamlined, and attractive experience for your Facebook audience.