Your website is the gateway to either recruiting top talent or driving them away. In 2018, your site has to be innovative, competitive, transparent and reflect the values and traits potential candidates are looking for. Does yours stand up to the criteria?

Requirements for Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent


The top three things that matter most to millennials:

  1. Growth opportunity
  2. Retirement benefits
  3. Work culture

Convey your culture – not only on your site – but across social media platforms as well.

“86% of younger job seekers who are in the first 10 years of their careers use social media as part of their job search.” – Inc.

Culture includes everything from your mission and values, to the work environment and benefits & perks you offer. Work environments play a large role in the health of your organization. With more than 40% of Americans classified as obese, the alarming prevalence of severe obesity in American adults is only continuing to rise, heightening their risks of developing heart disease, diabetes and various cancers. Combat the obesity epidemic and rising healthcare costs by offering employees wellness options at work: healthy snacks, outdoor space to walk and exercise, fitness classes, natural lighting and standing desks are just some of the ways you can inspire healthy work habits and improve the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

Benefits & Perks

As someone who has come from an organization that touted kegs and ping pong tables as perks, I can tell you that what does matter to candidates is far more impactful than a college party atmosphere and much more centered around holistically caring for your employees long-term health and happiness.

So what are candidates looking for? Extended maternity & paternity leave, pet insurance, comprehensive financial wellness programs, retirement planning assistance & mental health programs – just to name a few.

Do you remember that CEO who publicly encouraged his employee to take some mental health days reducing the stigma associated with mental illness in the workplace?

According to the “Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experiences mental illness in a given year.” – National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Offer a holistic wellbeing program that encompasses mental health for your employees and their spouses. Wellbeing programs are proven to not only produce healthier & happier employees, but they boost engagement, productivity and the bottom line as well. That’s a guaranteed win-win for everybody.


Flexibility to care for aging parents and young children. Flexibility to visit the doctor during the workday without having to use vacation time – remember that idea of preventative care?

93% of millennials are not scheduling medical appointments due to conflicts with work hours.

Flexibility to work remotely if they’ve proven their ability to work independently, are responsive to others and can productively contribute to the team regardless of location. One of the biggest advocates for flexible work is Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder and billionaire entrepreneur, citing that top talent flocks to companies that promote flex work. “So if you want to find, attract and keep the best employees, you need to build flexible working and flexible hiring into your talent strategy,” writes Branson. Flexibility to remember that in a world ruled by artificial intelligence, employees are still human and have real problems to navigate and conquer throughout their life.

Work-life balance

The United States currently ranks 30th out of 38 countries who have positive work-life balance. Guiltlessly allow your employees time to disconnect, unplug and recharge when they aren’t at work. It’s all too easy to send a few emails (or more) while sitting on the couch at night because you have this or that on your mind, but with 24/7 connectedness, employees will often feel compelled to respond given their email is right on their smartphone. Arianna Huffington started Thrive Global to promote employee wellbeing stating that “we are in a sleep deprivation crisis“, in a large part due to technology and our jobs. Welcome and encourage your staff to relax out of the office by leading by example. This will not only reduce likelihood of burnout, but it will establish a mutually-beneficial and respectful relationship between you and your colleagues.

Corporate social responsibility

Consumers and candidates alike are demanding more accountability from corporations. Volunteering, environmental protection efforts, philanthropic giving, and ethical labor practices are just some ways organizations can give back.

Recent organizations in the news for CSR include:

  • Medline, a manufacturer and distributor of products serving the healthcare industry, just completed another solar installation project in their efforts to make their business more sustainable.
  • Randstad US launched a volunteer alliance with Girls on the Run to give back to the community.


To recruit the best talent, keep these three tips in mind:

  1. When you’re building your website, ensure all these components are easily visible and accessible to those candidates searching your site.
  2. Make sure the career page is SEO-friendly for the relevant keywords.
  3. Target your paid digital advertising to encompass these key themes letting potential candidates know you care about what matters to them most.

Be transparent in your messaging across your site and social media platforms to help with recruiting and retention efforts. Your offerings need to realistically and comprehensively address the needs and wants of your current and future employees in order to produce long-lasting beneficial results. If your website isn’t conveying the traits candidates are looking for, it’s time to assess the competitiveness of your business from the inside out.