The new addition marks the continued growth and propulsion of both the SEO and PPC services at emagine as well as the comprehensive digital marketing capabilities of the organization.

With a successful business background with both small businesses & enterprise organizations and over 20 years of experience in sales & marketing, Rebecca brings extensive digital marketing experience to the leadership team. She keeps a constant pulse on the SEO industry by teaching onsite marketing bootcamps, publishing online SEO courses, hosting an SEO podcast and coaching other SEO consultants. An active member of the WordPress community, Rebecca is a frequent speaker at both industry conferences and podcasts sharing her expertise and best practices with others. Featured in Wired, Hubspot, Marketo, and Entrepreneur of Fire, she is a true catalyst in the digital marketing world.

“Our Digital Marketing Services division has experienced intense growth over the past few years and we couldn’t be more excited about having Rebecca at the helm.” stated Bill Gadless, President of emagine. “We’ve known Rebecca as both a friend and respected member of both the SEO and WordPress communities. Her digital marketing expertise and entrepreneurship were two major factors in this selection. But quite frankly, it’s always nice going into these relationships when there’s a pre-established trust and overall feeling of comfort about how an individual will ‘fit’ within your company’s culture.”

As emagine’s Vice President of Digital Marketing Services, Rebecca is responsible for the strategy and oversight of emagine SEO and PPC services, leading a growing team and managing a comprehensive client base across the Health and B2B sectors where she plans to marry SEO and PPC to provide a more holistic approach to marketing and search.