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Healthcare Marketing

For Healthcare, It’s All About Mobile Marketing

The trends we first see in consumer and media become more broadly used in other markets, including healthcare. Recent developments clearly point to the rise of smartphone and short video as preferred mediums for high value audiences. We dig into the details and discuss what it means for healthcare marketers and their organizations.

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How is the Healthcare Industry Working to Reduce Opioid Addiction

The opioid crisis is a frequent topic in our office as some of our clients are working on approaches to curb the dire situation. In January 2019, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that more than 130 Americans per day die from opioid overdoses. This post discusses how healthcare companies, biotech startups, and pharmaceutical companies are working to reinvent pain management, break the addiction cycle and save lives.

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Lead Generation

Innovating Your Marketing Strategy in the Digital Health Era

The digital health revolution is changing the way consumers are accessing and looking for information. From wireless devices and social networks, to the Internet and apps, consumers are armed with a world of information at their fingertips. This has empowered consumers to start taking control of their health plan and treatment options. Technology has opened the door for consumers to easily search for the best options for their medical needs influencing how biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies market their business.

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Web Design and Development

How Video Enhances Your Biotech Website

Your website is the online hub for your target audience to visit when they want to learn more about your company, products, pipeline, and the science behind it all. It should engage visitors and make them feel like their time was well spent – but without leveraging the appropriate tactics and resources, that’s easier said than done.