Some of the most forward-thinking tech companies see a clear opportunity for advancement & innovation. They believe they can transform and evolve the healthcare system by focusing on delivering quality care at an affordable price.

In our first vlog, “Big Techs Looking To Disrupt Healthcare”, Bill Gadless, President of emagine, shares his insights on: 

  • Who are the major players
  • What they are currently doing in this space
  • Risks and opportunities of entering into the healthcare industry

The race to reinvent healthcare will undoubtedly drive innovation forward encouraging us to think outside the parameters of the antiquated system we’ve been operating in.

Everything across the patient journey – search, digital marketing, patient education, data security, product distribution channels and how patients access care – will undeniably be impacted. As we watch this evolve, businesses will need to envision how their products and services will integrate into this futuristic world.

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