This past year has been an exciting adventure for emagine with many accomplishments, one being that we celebrated five 5-year emagineversaries. Since we love to brag about our employees, we thought we’d share some background on our five.

Alicia Hale Holding Baby

Alicia Hale

We celebrated Alicia’s 5-year emagineversary in September. Alicia has accomplished so much personally and professionally in her 5 years at emagine. She started with just a 2-person SEO team and earned her way to the title of Vice President of Digital Marketing. An SEO expert herself, she has grown the Digital Marketing team to 8 people and oversees all Digital Marketing efforts for emagine’s clients, including SEO, Paid Search (PPC), Social Media Strategy and Analytics. While she has done all of this, Alicia also got married, bought her first home and had an adorable baby boy.

Read about Alicia Hale’s journey here.

Lauren Hanson Doing a Push-Up in a Dress

Lauren Hanson

Lauren celebrated her 5-year emagineversary in October. She started off as a Project Manager and, because of the combination of her ambition, devotion, energy and love for emagine, Lauren became an Account Manager in 2013. She develops relationships and formulates Digital Marketing Strategies for emagine’s clients. Lauren has been instrumental in emagine’s exciting growth over these past few years. Prior to emagine, Lauren was a gym owner and she is now a group fitness instructor, wife and loving mom of 2 girls. You’ll find her showing off her push-up skills at any emagine event she has an opportunity to.

Krystal Galewski with Her Nose Against Her Dog's

Krystal Galewski

Krystal celebrated her 5-year emagineversary in February. After serving 8 and a half years in the U.S. Navy, she was attending Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts to pursue her BS in Business Marketing and worked with the Business Development team in lead generating efforts. After graduating and getting married, she moved to emagine’s South Florida office. Over the years, she has learned the deep roots of emagine’s industry sectors and now plays a major role in emagine’s Marketing and Sales efforts, providing key research and key data on emagine’s target markets.

Christian Nolen Standing in an Office

Christian Nolen

Christian just celebrated his 5-year emagineversary in December. Before emagine, Christian had various positions in technical software, software quality assurance and web development. He started off at emagine as a Web Developer and is now Vice President of Web Development where he runs the entire department of Developers, Designers and Project Managers. Christian also continues to drive emagine’s innovation in the Enterprise WordPress arena and speaks at various conferences on the national circuity. And all of this while being a devoted husband and father to his two young boys.

Todd Miliken Smiling

Todd Milliken

Todd is celebrating his 5-year emagineversary at the end of January. Prior to working with emagine, he attended James Madison University in Virginia and holds a BA in Technical and Scientific Communications. Todd is a Web Developer and puts his experience with HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript to use develop custom WordPress websites for emagine’s clients. He also keeps everyone in the company entertained, especially when his dance moves come out!

You can learn more about other emagine team members on our website We look forward to celebrating many more emagineversaries!