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The #emaginedifference #11-20

emagine Employees in Blue T-Shirts

The #emaginedifference #11: We’re a close-knit team and we’re big believers in supporting our colleagues both in and out of the office.

emagine Brochure

The #emaginedifference #12: We’re entrenched in the biopharma and healthcare industries. Our newsletters are just one way we stay connected with our clients, sharing best practices, scalable solutions and resources to make their jobs easier.

Female emagine Employees Working on a Laptop

The #emaginedifference #13: We’re your biggest fans! With every milestone your company achieves, we’re right there, ready to share and broadcast your incredible accomplishments via our social networks.

emagine Employees on a Boat

The #emaginedifference #14: We love our summer Friday tradition where our CEO, Brett Cohen, takes employees out on his boat for a relaxing lunch on the water.

emagine Project Managers

The #emaginedifference #15: We’ll pair you with one of our remarkable Project Managers. Our PMs are client advocates and trusted advisors to healthcare, medical device, pharma & biotech companies. You’ll be in good hands, we promise.

Collage of Dogs and Cats

The #emaginedifference #16: We love our pets!

healthcare web design

The #emaginedifference #17: We’re the premier digital marketing agency for the Health sectors. Get your free brochure now: https://bit.ly/2BhE7Ip

Palm Trees in Boca Raton Florida

The #emaginedifference #18: We’re a growing team! Our second office in Boca Raton, Florida has unbeatable views.

Forbes Communication Council

The #emaginedifference #19: We’re recognized as thought leaders in the industry, bringing our expertise & solutions about healthcare marketing straight to you.

emagine Digital Marketing Team

The #emaginedifference #20: We’re digital marketing mavens. Our Digital Marketing team is consistently recognized for: their strategic expertise in SEO, PPC & social media, excellence in analytics & reporting, building and maintaining strong client relationships and creating a tailored approach to every situation.

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